10 Unique Property Types In Malaysia You Should Know

Looking for a property in Malaysia but can’t decide on which one? Well, first of all, you should know that there are a lot of property types waiting for you to decide on which one you actually want. you will have to decide which property you want to buy depending on the reason for your purchase. Let us help you get a little more familiar with the types of properties you should know.


1. Duplex /Studio

These properties are best if you wish to have some privacy by yourself. These types of properties are the best for people who are looking for individual space or want to live with their partners. These properties do not usually fit in family size but are the best as it has a better connectivity route to most of the areas.

What is the difference between a studio and a duplex?

A studio simply represents an area that basically depicts a single room residency. There is one floor which is divided into a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They are centrally located and mostly consist of an open layout. Whereas, a duplex is a double floor residency with the bedroom usually placed on the second floor.

2. Condominium/ Serviced residence

You will find these residences in high rise buildings with beautiful views. The residents living in buildings use common areas like swimming pools, gymnasiums, or lobbies. Each residence of the building gets one slot for parking and you can grab more space if you want by paying for it.

What is the difference between a condominium and serviced residence?

A condominium consists of 3 to 4 bedrooms which is perfect for a person looking for a permanent home. This can be used by families because of the security and amenities which come along when you purchase your slot in the building and you have to pay a maintenance fee every month to use those amenities efficiently. Whereas, a serviced residence is more like hotels and not available for sale floor wise. It is basically a commercial residence where the rent and bills are higher than the personal residencies.

3. Penthouse

Penthouses are one of the biggest residential properties one can live in. These types of properties are usually on the top floor of a condominium or a service residence and have amenities that are all for private use. These amenities include a personal lobby, lift, swimming pools, etc. These types of residencies come with hefty prices.

4. Bungalow

Bungalows are one of the most lavish residences for private use in Malaysia. These types of land allow you to enjoy privacy to the most as they are secluded and have a big lawn for you to relax in the best way possible. These types of residencies are usually bought by people who own a big fat bank account as they can cost you a ton! The price of a bungalow usually depends upon what location it is based on and with the land it covers.

5. Apartment/ Flat

Both these residency types are a little lower compared to high rise buildings.

What is the difference between the Apartment and a flat?

An apartment might seem familiar to you but, it is a very specific type of property when it comes to places like Malaysia. These types of properties are similar to condominiums and the only difference is that it might not have special amenities, they are not luxurious and lavish But, an apartment will have basic features like parking space and security so it can be easy for an average salary person to live there. Whereas, flats on the other hand are basic sized and do not have balconies. It is possible that a flat is located in a building with 3 to 4 floors and eliminating the existence of a lift! It is fine in a place like Malaysia as they break easily.

6. SoHo/ SoFo/ SoVo

These types of properties are usually found in commercial areas where they integrate offices for residential use as well. The princes and the bills are paid just like that of a commercial building.

What is the difference between SoHo, SoFo, and SoVo?

SoHo is known as Small office Home office, SoFo is known as Small office Flexible office and SoVo as Small office Versatile office. By the name, it says that SoHo can be used both as an office and as a home. These types of properties enjoy the amenities of the service residence and typically comprise a living room, bedroom, and bathroom Whereas, SoVo is the type of property that is totally used for business and equipped accordingly. These types of properties are preferred by people usually owning a start-up.

SoFo which means Small office flexible office, is a mixture of the two above categories. This property type is flexible for the use of the owner as it does not have a defined partition. The place can be used according to the preference and can be modified as a home or an office or both!

7. Town House

A townhouse is basically two houses combined together where two different units are either combined on top of each other or stand along with each other and share one wall but the fun part is that it looks like a single house from the outside. Townhouses are usually for multiple people, who wish to live together under one roof. Two families or a joint family can easily live in TownHouse.

8. Terrace/link houses

Terrace homes are also called linked houses. These types of properties are built side by side which makes them share walls of one another. These types of houses usually have one floor or two floors. They are considered the same but differ in sizes.

9. Semi-detached

Detached homes are those ones that are entirely different from each other, right? Then what do we mean by semi-detached? These types of properties share a single wall but are entirely two different homes. They do not share the same entrance or a terrace as well. This property type is not luxurious but does give you a good amount of privacy and space.

10. Shophouse

Shophouses are based in commercial areas and are usually of two or three stories. The ground floor is used for commercial purposes like a bank or a restaurant or retail shop. The upper floors can be used for residential purposes or can extend the business to a multi-story.

These were the 10 most important property types you should know before you step out to invest a lump sum of your money. Hope you have a clear picture in your mind now!

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