Six Problems Property Management Owners Should Know How To Handle

Managing and owning a property involves a large amount of responsibility. Any number of problems can occur that will require your immediate attention. Some you can manage yourself while others require professional help. You should know how to handle these six problems with your property.

Pest Infestations

Every property manager or owner needs to know how to handle pest infestations. This includes a range of pests from rodents to roaches. These pests can cause serious structural damage and health problems for residents. There are effective traps and preventative tools that can help although a professional exterminator might be needed for large infestations. Be sure that all tenants know the signs of pests and inform you of any problems right away.

Unstable Soil

Unstable soil around the base of the property can be caused by many problems including excessive moisture or natural movements of the ground. If you let unstable soil go unchecked, then it can eventually cause cracks and breaks in the foundation. If you detect unstable soil, then you need to call professionals to deal with the problem and protect the foundation immediately, say the experts at T. Luckey Sons’ Inc.


Radon is an invisible radioactive gas that comes out of the soil. It can fill a home and cause health problems for occupants. High levels are known to cause lung cancer. You should know how to test a home for radon each year. You should also be prepared to have a radon mitigation system installed if the gas appears in a home.

Clogged or Damaged Gutters

The gutters on a property protect the walls and foundation from water damage. You should know how to repair gutters that are starting to come apart or how to replace damaged gutters. You should have a method for clearing gutters so that ice dams and overflows are avoided during the year.

Burst or Clogged Pipes

Always have a plan for handling burst or clogged pipes. Have tools and spare piping available to make fast repairs. Know were the mains are to stop the leaks. You also need to have the number for an emergency plumber if the problem gets too large to handle. Without a plan to fix burst or clogged pipes, your property could face serious problems, including water damage and mold. Be sure you know what you can do to stop a leak and who you can call for a quick fix.

Dying or Diseased Trees

Diseased, dying or dead trees can do severe damage to a property or the people there. You should learn how to properly identify and prune dangerous branches before they break due to weather, rot or age. Pruning dead branches is simple although it requires special equipment and patience to avoid injuries or property damage.

Being prepared is very important for property managers and owners. You need to have the right knowledge, equipment and access to professionals in order to handle many situations. A little preparation and research can protect your property for decades to come. These tips will help keep your property in great shape until it you decide to sell it.