5 Reasons To Buy A House In Nelly Gail Ranch

Nelly Gail Ranch is a luxury home property located in the southern state of California. These luxurious homes expand over a vast area and are of very high value. California is the best state for you to live because it is a beautiful place with lovely weather all-round the year and it also quite pleasant. If you detest the harsh winter season, experience sunshine and bright weather for all twelve months. There is plenty of blue skies to look up to and the best part if there is no snow to shovel in the winter season. This sunshine state also has got some awesome beaches with white powder sands that will make your living even more luxurious, and you would feel like you are always on vacation. If you are looking for a beautiful home to move in with your family, there’s nothing like Nelly Gail Ranch. The homes here are straight out of a movie and is also a great place if you wish to live a bit away from the main city but also has easy access to transportation and airports. There’s more than one reason for you to buy a house in Nelly Gail Ranch.Nelly-Gail-Ranch

1. Its Natural Beauty

Southern California is famous for its pristine beaches with golden sand and turquoise blue waters. Imagine having this poster card panoramic view right from the balcony of your house. Yes! The top homes in Nelly Gail Ranch overlook the amazing coastline and have a cool breeze to give you a feel of nature each time you perch on the balcony. If you are a nature enthusiast and hate living in crowded cities, then these luxury homes are made for you. It is also a lovely spot for bird watching and teaching your kids the importance of nature and loving the natural beauty around you. You will also be able to get a view of Southern California’s long coastline. The view is breathtaking, and you would want to buy a house right away. This is the view that you cannot afford to find in extremely crowded cities.

2. Its Accessibility

Even though it is located quite away from the city, you would want it to be easily accessible from the cities and airports. The Nelly Gail Ranch is just a 55-minute drive from Los Angeles, thus, making this location the best one to live. If you have to face an emergency, you can just drive up to Los Angeles and need not wait for hours and hours to reach. This easy yet remote location simply makes Nelly Gail a preferred location for most American families. If you want to enjoy nature to the fullest, yet live in luxury, this is a lovely place for you. Its unique location also makes it a great spot to experience different types of weather. For example, you can go skiing in the morning and also enjoy a desert safari in the evening,

3. Its Community

A place is not made by the structure or architecture, but its people. Nelly Gail Ranch has a fine community where people who have been living there for ages have remodeled their houses. The people are helpful and very warm and welcoming. You can enjoy parties, events and other community meetups at the clubhouse. All members of the Nelly Gail Ranch have access to the clubhouse. The members have also planted about 5000 trees in the 50 acres of land so that they can enjoy nature at its best. There are about five parks and nature trails within the area for you to keep fit and explore nature with your kids. You will love your decision of buying a luxury home, no matter what the price is.

4. School & Education

If you are constantly worried about finding the best schools for your kids in Nelly Gail Ranch, there are plenty of them. Unlike city schools, the educational institutions in this part of California are much bigger and have a bigger infrastructure as well. You will end up sending your kids to the best schools, and they will learn and grow in a community that will only help your kids nurture. The schools here are well-renowned and recognized all over the world. There are also a few universities for the grownups to study.

5. Amenities

The Nelly Gail Ranch offers a variety of amenities and facilities for its residents. It has a huge swimming pool, a tennis court and an equestrian center. There will never be a dull moment in your life when you buy a home here. It is a great way to fulfill your hobbies and interests. A swimming pool is a great way to stay fit and relax after a hectic day at work. And, if you love horses, you could get to ride them here as well.

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