Buying and Selling

Stress-free Selling: 6 Tips to Prepare Your House

Selling your home is not an easy task, considering that it can be quite unpleasant to part with a place that holds many precious memories. Additionally, selling a house is a difficult task, entailing preparation, planning and careful execution in order to attract affluent potential buyers and entice them to …

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The Keys to Buying the Home of Your Dreams

Buying property in Dubai isn’t cheap. However, do you know the real cost? Purchasing property in this part of the world is more expensive than you think. When you factor in the added costs, you may end up spending 10 percent more than the agreed purchase price. If you’re selling …

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Why Home Buyers & Sellers Should Hire a Professional

With so much information readily available online, you may ask, “Why should I hire a real estate agent?” And rightfully so. Coming to think of it, you could buy or sell real estate in Dubai via the Internet or through standard marketing avenues without being represented real estate agents in …

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