What’s the Importance of High-Quality Real Estate Photos?

With the increasing competition and the growing number of real estate agents in the real estate industry, it has become necessary to stand out from the crowd and make your name. And luckily, tools and resources have become handy at your service to enhance your digital marketing experience.

One such way to increase your reach and make the most out of your next sale is by uploading high-quality real estate photos.

Statistics That Show the Importance of High-Quality Real Estate Photos

Good real estate photos and videos are the keys to selling a property quickly because they will be the first thing a homebuyer sees when surfing online for their dream home. Here are some statistics that stress the importance of keeping good property pictures on your listings:

  • A survey reported that homes with a single property photo stayed in the market for 70 days, while a home with multiple (around 20 photos) good real estate photos spent only 32 days on an average.
  • Another statistic says that homes that were priced around $200,000 to $1 million with high-quality property photos were sold for $3,000 to $11,000 more

Why are High-Quality Real Estate Photos Important?

Today, with access to top-notch marketing and editing tools and resources, you can get high-quality property photos at your fingertips for a greater line of customers and increased odds of selling a property. So, here are five reasons you need to include good-quality property pictures in your listings:

1. Makes a Good First Impression

Since the onset of the digital era, more and more people are into surfing online and searching for businesses online. According to the “Real Estate in a Digital Age” report by the NAR in 2022, almost 97% of homebuyers begin their home searching journey online. This makes it important for you to increase your bandwidth online to make a good impression on homebuyers, and high-quality real estate photos can be a great tool for that.

If you use poor-quality property images online, you’re going to waste the opportunity of attracting audience. High-quality photos are bound to highlight the best features of a house, allowing the homebuyer to have a detailed view of every room and understand the true value of the home.

2. Makes Faster Sale

According to an analysis by the VHT Studios, professionally photographed homes in Chicago were known to be sold 32% times faster than other homes. Shocking, right? But there’s a simple logic behind displaying professional real estate photos in the best light. They give the homebuyer a sense of quality and value in terms of the property they will buy. And buyers will be more serious about a house proving of high value.

3. Caters to Busy Buyers

Searching for a home is a time-consuming task that takes an emotional toll, especially when you have a family. Securing mortgages and navigating all lenders through the wide choice of properties is daunting. Plus, most homebuyers will not have much free time to look through different properties every day.

For this, potential homebuyers will do anything it takes to simplify their homebuying process. And marketing homes in a streamlined manner with professional high-quality real estate photos attached can make their process much easier.

By simply navigating through your website and surfing the listing images, potential homebuyers can assess them and narrow their choices.

4. Supplements Other Marketing Endeavors

Online marketing majorly works on the game of good content, and mostly this content is in the form of stellar images and videos. For the real estate industry, pictures are really everything when it comes to marketing.

Mediocre pictures in your latest marketing campaign won’t be able to give you good results. Hence, you can use some good real estate photos on different social media platforms and your listings. These images are impactful enough to carry various marketing campaigns on different platforms like social media, your website, or marketing flyers.

Useful Tips for Taking Good Real Estate Photos

You have read about the importance of a high-quality property picture, but do you want to know how to take one? Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Use AI

Technological advancement has made it possible for everyone to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their benefit. And if you are in the real estate industry, you can make the most of it!

With the introduction of new technology, it has become easy to use an AI image enhancer to enhance the quality of your real estate images. This means – better listings and increased sales.

2. Capture Every Aspect of the Property

The more, the merrier! It might be tempting to share only a handful of good-quality images, but sharing more real estate photos is a better decision in this case as you want to give potential homebuyers more options to browse the property and allow them to understand it better.

Hence, capture everything – the landscape, rooms, kitchens, curbside, and floors. Don’t leave the buyer guessing.

Bottom Line

Cutting-edge visuals are the best way to attract homebuyers in this digital era! With everyone turning to the internet to find solutions for their problems, as a real estate agent, you should take this opportunity and jump on the trend by adding high-quality real estate photos to capture everyone’s attention.

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