Best Real Estate Lead Management Software in 2022


Like any business, real estate agencies — including affordable housing providers — need leads to keep their business growing. They also need high-quality lead management software to help them track and convert these leads, grow their customer base and get people in properties. Lead management is crucial for both commercial …

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Marketing Automation for Real Estate: A Handy Guide for Agents


If you’re like most real estate professionals, you understand the importance of marketing, but you may not have the time or resources to do it effectively. That’s where the marketing automation software comes in. By using marketing automation software, you can take a strategic approach to the market, and create …

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The State of the Portland Real Estate Market: January, 2020


The Portland real estate market has come a long way. If we consider the things which this city has to offer, Portland’s growth in the real estate sector shouldn’t surprise us. Portland is an attractive city located in the Pacific Northwest region of the country. It has pleasant scenery, a …

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7 Steps to an Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real estate marketing is different from what you might be used to, but there are different sites that you should consider in order to achieve the best and most effective real estate marketing strategy possible. Here, we’ll tell you of some steps that you should know, and ones you can …

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Thailand Gives High Return On Investment In Real Estate

Till 2016, Thailand’s real estate market experienced a downward slope that creates tension among the real estate dealers. However, after that black year, 2017 showed some potential that the Thailand Property market can give a high return on Investment. In this post, we will discuss that in detail and pick …

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