Trendy Vs. Timeless – How To Strike A Design Balance

Over the last 40 to 50 years, people have followed all the trendy things that come to the market. And in the end, you’ll notice that you haven’t seen those designs in the new and modern build homes. The designs once you thought were trendy may have become outdated now. And your home looks a bit odd with modern structure but with outdated furniture.

It is a bit difficult to strike a designing balance between timeless and trendy designs. So, here are some tips that will help you in taking decision between timeless and trendy things.

Invest in timeless and high-quality material


Designing mistakes such as replacing outdated chairs in the kitchen or shades and blinds in the living room, etc.- you can afford to make those. But if you don’t know how to renovate your small kitchen and bathroom, it can be a blow to your budget. You can’t change the cabinets and fixtures every year when they go out of the style.

So, to avoid this type of mistake, make sure you invest in something high-quality and timeless. It includes things like fixtures, flooring, countertops, cabinets and so on.

Go for What is Always in Style

You can only predict the future design but you can’t be sure. Instead of trying and doing new experiments, include things in your home that are truly timeless. To get you thinking, here’s a quick guide on timeless fashion.

  • Shelves that are built-in with clean lines
  • Hardwood flooring
  • White kitchen or classic colours such as navy or dark green to complement the neutrals.
  • Antiques
  • Different area rugs and carpets.

It’s All in the Details

Don’t think that trends can’t bring fun and that you need to avoid them entirely. Instead of that you just need to choose them carefully and wisely. Avoid building your entire home around in one trend, so that you don’t regret in the future. Consider adding that trendy accessories like textures and pattern. For example, blankets, artworks, pillows and so on. You can keep swapping things according to trends.

Choose your focus

Don’t get confused while designing your home. First, take a piece of canvas, and draw a rough design that you want to keep. Make sure it is neutral and you can add or remove anything without redesigning risk. Try to avoid all clutter by emphasizing on the focal points as minimalism is the key to success.

‘A’ for Appeal!

You all have some ideas and dreams regarding your home. And you might be confused about what to add and what not to. In this case, you can hire an interior designer and they will help you to bring out a clearer picture. Because things which look and sound beautiful for you sometimes turn into a disaster. When you go for an appeal, keep certain things in mind such as

  • Have a neutral backdrop before starting.
  • Add things which are both classic and trending at the same time.
  • Only add trendy objects like lamps, chair or table instead of filling up your whole house with trendy things.

Don’t be a bender

Don’t spend money on trendy items that are probably going out of style in a few years. For example, if you’re spending your savings on trendy floor material, you may end up regretting it next season and you need to redo those floors. But instead of that, invest in marble floors or something that never goes out of the style.

So, always try to invest in something that can last longer both in quality and style. You can bender on things which are easy to change just like an area rug, vase or plants.

Functional and comfortable

Make sure you choose your décor which is timeless, functional and comfortable at the same time. It should be something that you can use and enjoy. For example, add a piece of furniture that is comfortable and can be used for years to come. Instead of adding antique chairs that are classic and elegant. A piece of timeless furniture is something that you can reuse, reupholster for several years.

When to follow trends

Whenever you renovate your home or purchase a new one, you all have questions like when you should follow the trends or opt the timeless things. For instance, add a combo of timeless marble countertops with white cabinet and hardwood floor including trendy objects like wall art, backsplash and some décor items.

Trust your instincts

Apart from other things, remember that your home belongs to you, so prefer taking your own decisions and believe in it. Make sure you design or decorate your home according to your taste and lifestyle as classics are forever and trends are temporary. It doesn’t matter whether you add a timeless décor or some trendy, it should give you comfort and should be functional.

While you think about the material, design and trend, keep practicality and comfort in your mind. For example, you might love bean bags for your living area or family room but you can add it to your dining area. Remember to think about all these questions before you select anything.

Key elements for a timeless décor

There are certain things like material, colours, and quality that matter for timeless décor. Here is a list of things that will help you for a timeless décor.

  • Natural material: You can add natural material like wool, linens, stone, marble and timber.
  • Neutral colours: Consider adding a neutral colour palette with splashes of colours and texture.
  • Clean and classic lines: Avoid furniture which is overly ornate and stick with clean and classic lines.
  • Quality material and furniture: Make sure you stick with quality over quantity. A well-balanced and sparse material is better than an over-crowded interior and poor quality décor.


Indeed, timeless lasts forever and trends are temporary. But the major challenge is to get both of them together and create something beautiful that looks great together. It’s all game of thinking and getting it onto the canvas. So with the right assistance, you can achieve your dream space. You can even hire some professionals for your help.

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