Turn Your Rental Into a Retreat Without Giving Up Your Deposit

When you rent a home, your space isn’t truly yours. Although you can decorate and bring in your own furniture, there’s very little customization you can do. In most cases, you can’t even put a coat of paint on the walls. But here are several updates and upgrades that will make your rented space your own. The best part, these are all fully removable, so you won’t be on the hook for any damages that a traditional renovation might cause.


Outdoor Paradise

If you’re the outdoor entertaining type, you can quickly and easily add a fire pit and/or gazebo to your exterior spaces without damaging the property. For a fire pit, all you need are heavy stones and crushed gravel. Before you get started, make sure that your stones fit together nicely and that they are dry when you start the project.

For a gazebo, you’ll need some power tools and the ability to work with wood. But, a simple gazebo isn’t that hard to make, and you can find blueprints online to help you get started.

Entertaining Spaces

Hosting a movie night? A small and powerful soundbar can easily replace large wall-mounted speakers. A small projector will probably set you back around $100, and you can use a sheet as your screen.

Another idea to help you entertain is to install a simple outdoor kitchen. This should include a weather-resistant table, sink (which you can hook up to your existing water supply, and grill.

Work From Home Wonderfully

When you work from home, you also want to take steps to ensure that your rental space pulls double duty as a professional office. One way to do this is to divide a large room so that you’ll have a space to work without being distracted by the rest of your family. The Spruce recommends using shelves, wire fabric, or even vinyl records as creative ways to section off your space.

Something else to think about is boosting your Wi-Fi. Your landlord may not allow you to have a hard-wired ethernet cable installed. Adding a Wi-Fi repeater can extend your signal so that you can work from any room.

Other Ways To Upgrade

  • Create a reading nook for the kids by hanging a canopy over a large cushion in an unused corner.
  • Plant a raised or container garden in the spring. This gives you access to fresh fruits and vegetables and gives the kids something to do during break.
  • Change the look and feel of an entire room with peel and stick wallpaper. It’s easy to install and won’t damage existing surfaces. You can even choose a wallpaper design from an artist across the globe.
  • Motion sensors or LED ambient lighting will make your home safer at night, which is especially important if you have elderly parents or young children living in the home.
  • Change out the drawer pulls and handles in the kitchen and bath. Be careful here that you choose handles that are the same width as the current holes on your cabinets.

Until you buy your own home, you have to live within the parameters set forth by the landlord. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and enjoy a fully customized space. The tips above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are almost unlimited ways that you can readjust, rearrange, and revamp a rented space to make it your own.

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