Advantages of RCC frame construction

If you have been looking for buying a flat,, you may have come across the term RCC frame construction in the brochures. We often read or hear about RCC frames or RCC framed structure with regard to building construction – but what is it exactly, and why is important? How does it benefit a building? I’m sure many of you have had these queries in mind. This article is an attempt to clarify these matters.

RCC stands for reinforced cement concrete; which means that the cement – gravel mixture contains steel bars (the reinforcement). This integrates the comprehensive strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel; this combination gives extra strength to the building. It’s easy to mix on site, and relatively cost effective.

RCC framed structure buildings are the most commonly seen all over the world today due to its several advantages.

How reinforced concrete is made

First, moulds are made by hammering wooden planks and sometimes metal ones into shape.  Based on the structural drawings, steel reinforced bars are tied together with wire resembling a cage, and placed in the moulds. The concrete is prepared by mixing cement, sand, water and gravel in a cement mixer, and is poured into the moulds (also called formwork). This is allowed to harden and solidify, and is ‘cured’ by watering it over a period of a couple of weeks, so that it reaches maximum strength.

Mixing concrete is not difficult in itself; however, the proportion of each ingredient has to be perfect. The recipe depends on the purpose – thin concrete walls in tricky areas may have a more liquid mix than for other areas, which have standard mixes: M20, M30, or M40 concrete. This refers to the strength of the concrete.

RCC frame Structure

This refers to a frame or skeleton of concrete; it includes foundation, columns (vertical elements), beams (horizontal elements) and slabs (flat planes) all interconnected with one another. The load is transferred from the slabs to the beams, then to the columns, next to the lower columns, and then to the foundation, which finally transfers it to the soil beneath. So you see how important the columns are – they are the primary load bearing elements in the building. This frame is extremely strong, and is able to withstand the different types of loads that act on a building, like:

  • Dead loads: this is the weight of the building itself that pushes down on itself; this includes the structural elements like walls and facades.
  • Live loads: this is the load exerted by the occupants of the building and their possessions like furniture, appliances, and so on. Flats in Palakkad town must be designed to withstand these loads. The load will depend on the building type – whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial.
  • Wind loads: This is especially important in the case of tall buildings. We are not talking about the daily breeze, but storm force winds that occur rarely; the buildings must be designed to withstand those loads too.
  • Earthquake loads: the name is self-explanatory; a building can be shaken both horizontally and vertically during an earthquake; it is important that the building design helps it to withstand this load – otherwise, it would just collapse.

Note that only a building with RCC frames will be able to successfully withstand all of the above mentioned loads – which is why more and more engineers prefer this type of construction even for buildings that are not high rises.

When there is no RCC frame, the loads are transferred to the soils by the walls that are specifically designed to carry loads. Bricks are nowhere as strong as reinforced concrete; so if one needs to construct buildings of over 3 storeys, the walls would be enormously thick, and it makes much more sense to use RCC frames.

Advantages of RCC framed structures for buildings:

  • The actual floor area of a building constructed with R.C.C framed structure is 10 to 12 % more than that of a building constructed with load bearing walls. So you have economy of space, and this is especially beneficial in areas where land is very expensive.
  • The layout of all rooms including the bathrooms can be changed according to individual preference, simply by changing the partition walls, because they are not weight bearing; this gives greater flexibility to the residents.
  • As mentioned earlier, the monolithic nature of construction in RCC frame structure buildings makes it more resistant to vibrations, wind, shocks, quakes and other loads, increasing safety for the people living inside.
  • These buildings can be constructed at good speed, compared to load bearing wall structures; this means the builder can hand over the property soon, and the buyer doesn’t have to wait for long to move in – a win-win situation!
  • Reinforced concrete has a very high comprehensive strength when compared to other building materials; RCC frame buildings are stronger and more durable. You can expect longer life for the building.
  • The RCC frame allows the building to withstand tensile stress to a good extent.
  • It is fairly resistant to extreme weather conditions and fire.
  • As it is fluid, reinforced concrete can be molded into innumerable shapes at negligible cost, allowing creative designs to be made with ease.
  • RCC structures are easy and cost effective where maintenance is concerned.
  • Due to its ability to be molded into any shape as needed, it is widely used for precast structural components and yields rigid members with minimal noticeable deflection.
  • This type of structure does not necessitate the use of a huge skilled labor force.
  • The strong structure allows flexibility in walling options – from heavy brick or concrete blocks to light steel and wood studs covered with sheeting boards, anything can be used, depending on the purpose.
  • Glass, ceramic facades, stone sheets and so on can all be used for cladding in buildings with RCC frame structure.

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