Gutter Guards: What are the Benefits?

Blocked gutters giving you an epic headache?

Spare yourself from the inconvenience and the unnecessary hassles by having this necessary home protection installed.

What are gutter guards?

As the name implies, it refers to devices designed to prevent debris from littering and clogging your gutters.
However, you need to keep in mind that it does not render your gutters totally invincible.

It does not also mean you can forego cleaning altogether.

While it does not guarantee foolproof protection at all times, it can dramatically reduce the frequency of cleanings required.

What are the different types available?

There are six basic types, namely:

1.    Nylon
–    Specifically devised for use during the cold and dreary winter months.
–    Designed to effectively avert the accumulation of ice and snow.

2.    Non-gutter cover
–    Replaces the gutters with a set of thin louvers that deflect rain water from the roof.

3.    Foam type
–    Made out of plastic that is fitted in the gutter.
–    It is designed to block all debris from the roof and gutters.

4.    Reverse curve
–    Devised to lead water downward into the gutter via a small slit.
–    It also allows leaves and other pieces fall to the ground.

5.    Mesh
–    Sheets fraught with holes that cover the gutter connected to the roof shingles.
–    Smaller holes are deemed more apt compared to big holes since they don’t clog all too fast.

6.    Bottle brush
–    Designed to face upright so debris stays on top while rainwater flows into the downspout.

Why are the benefits you should not miss out on?

Apart from sparing you from all the inconvenience climbing and cleaning gutters require, the right protection can help guarantee the preservation and longevity of your property’s patio, foundation and even basement.

Other reasons to invest in gutter guards include but are not limited to the following:

Helps you save time, effort and money

Typically, sans protection, recommended cleaning would be twice yearly.

With protection however, you will only be required to have it attended to at least once every 3 to 5 years.
That would mean you will be able to use time to attend to other concerns in your property that might need your immediate attention.

Helps prolong the life of your gutters

Debris accumulated in the gutter will not only cause blockage but it can also produce moisture which can hasten the rusting process.

It would be safe to assume they would last a longer with protection as opposed to none at all.

Helps keep bushfires at bay

If you live in an area that’s prone to bushfires, a metal guard is highly recommended.

Sans protection, embers can easily ignite the dry materials accumulated in the gutters thereby putting your life and everything you own in serious jeopardy.

Helps keep vermin and insects from your gutters

Unwanted dwellers like cockroaches, spiders, mice and mosquitoes can turn unguarded gutters into instant breeding grounds.

Keep your roof space safe from undesirable inhabitants by adding the much needed barrier.

Helps improve water flow

During heavy downpours, exposed gutters can greatly increase the likelihood of rainwater finding its way into your house and basement.

When that happens, you can end up with unsightly staining and in worst case scenarios, a damaged foundation and a flooded basement.

With benefits that are hard to miss, it is but proper to consider installing the adequate gutter protection as part and parcel of your home improvement project.