Guide for selling your property

It is common to aim at owning a property when one reaches a retirement age. In many cultures that was a life goal of a person, and with all the complexities of life today it is still a no. 1 intention for majority of people.  The strain of renting  your abode in old age is not desired option really, so the best advice one can offer to another person, a friend for example is to work hard during ‘active’ life in order to own ‘a home’ when he or she retires… It doesn’t have to be a castle but a cosy, warm home would do just nicely.

Some of the hard working ones amongst us will sell and buy a property a few times. That is an activity that needs to be tackled carefully and that is why certain rules apply. Let’s just say there is a step-by-step routine that applies to selling ones property. I will try to give a reader an accurate if somewhat simplified version of it.

A wise owner should look after his/her property, renovate, cultivate and improve at all times. Then when ready to sell obtain an accurate valuation so that an apartment/house can be sold fast.  With a clear idea of how much the property is worth, next step is choosing a good property agent, not for nothing it’s said “a good marketing is what ‘sells’ today”.  As well as this finding a solicitor or a conveyancer (conveyancing being a cheaper option usually) is an important step.

When these preparatory actions are taken care of, next step would be to present the property well. Emphasize its advantages and try to ‘hide’ its negative aspects. When all this has been done a good advice from above mentioned professionals will lead to best results. Some people go to extremes in hiring an interior decorator/designer to complete this. This will lead to the ‘viewings’ of the property and your real estate manager will have crucial role in this. Positive people with assertive but not to obtrusive attitude are good for the job.

Hopefully lots of people will view the property and in this ‘security in numbers’ there will be interesting parties. The step when one is receiving an offer is the next phase. Consider the offers carefully and treat them equally with respect. The one that is the best offer will receive an acceptance. The parties will, with the help of solicitors, exchange the contract, and the solicitor in this phase will take care of the legality and all the ‘check ups’ a property goes through when it’s been sold.

The final step is the Completion that all the parties were waiting for hoping for the best outcome without any problems. The money has been transferred via solicitors and the keys are to be exchanged after all the furniture has been moved and house vacated. It is then ready for the new owner and the old one will probably be looking for a new property to buy. The whole enterprise is finalized when the change of ownership has been registered with the land registry. Congratulations a job well done.