Before you buy a house, learn the Rules of Dating

A house is, in many ways, your soul mate. It is there to provide you comfort, safety, and a place to be yourself. Just like a soul mate it gives you room to grow or stay constant. It is there when you need to have a backup, and a place to show your best side to the world.

In the time of changes, just like your living soulmate, stability is only given by your house.

But as every relationship needs a perfect beginning in order to be long term or in some cases lifetime. Finding a perfect house and making it yours forever have some rules too.

These are very similar to the rules of dating, where you take time to find the right person after many hit and trials and then take out time to know them inside out before making the choice of marrying them.

Rule 1

Make a list of prospects

Before you enter the dating process, make a list of all the houses where you see yourself living in.

If you are thinking about living in the heart of India, Delhi, making the right list becomes easier. The city offers a large number of options for all income groups. Areas like Noida Extension, and other nearby localities, offer various options for the luxury seekers at comparatively low prices than other localities. Here is a list of luxurious projects that are offered at low prices here.

If Delhi is not glamorous enough and you wish to be a mumbaikar, there a number of available options to buy an apartment in Mumbai. You can easily find affordable property in Ambernath, or areas like Khopoli, Bhiwandi, etc. There are other emerging locations too, which you can opt for if you are looking for buying a house in Mumbai

The low property price makes it extremely easy to buy a house in Noida extension and other mentioned locations of Mumbai city.

However, the first rule ONLY deals with making a LIST. Do not jump into visiting the places just yet.

Rule 2

Do some study

Before you go around visiting the house, do your own background research of the locality, developer, price trends, etc. this will give you a fairer idea of whether this relation is going to go far or not. And, it will shorten your exhaustive list of prospects.

Rule 3

Have the first look

Now that your wild goose chase is on track, with you having found most suited list of prospects. It is time for the next step. The next step is visiting the properties. Things you need to notice here are the exteriors and interiors of the house. At this stage, the property should meet your must-have list, for e.g. if you need a Jacuzzi, see that the property offers that, etc. If it meets your must have list, go ahead and move on if it does not.

Rule 4

Try to make the connection

By now, your list must have shortened further. Out of whatever apartments left, find out following: is it close to your workplace, do you see yourself in the same house 5 years down the line, how is the neighborhood, if there is an open space nearby, what is going to come up there, etc. This stage is all about finding the compatibility and trying to make it work. Find out the future repairs list, if any (and if they are bearable).

If there are some factors that you can adjust, go for it. If they are too difficult, leave. After all, it is no point being attached if it is not for long term.

Rule 5

Make the move

If you have reached this far, you have visited the house, researched on the location, ready to manage future expenses, etc. then you probably already hear Shehnai tunes playing in your head. It is time for you to marry or in simpler terms, buy your ideal house.

The rules are simple, find a house in an ideal place, which is closer to your workplace, offers a lot in some, and is stocked with everything that makes you comfortable and then buy it.
You see now how similar finding a soul mate and buying a house are? All you need is research, the right time, patience, and a feeling in your bones to help you find your lifelong house.

You know the rules. Go put yourself out in the market!