6 Acts to Avoid When Selling a Home

When it’s time to sell a house and buy a new one for a number of reasons like a growing family, it can a be a challenging task. If you have a time frame and in a hurry to make a deal, then here are a few things to avoid to sell that residential real estate fast.

1. Don’t put off advertising

Putting your property for sale on the internet can help you sell it faster. Do public open houses, snap a lot of pictures of your house and put them up online so more and more people can view what you’re selling and the house will have more chances of being bought.

2. Not disclosing natural hazard zones

It is important as a seller to disclose all possible natural hazards that may cause potential danger to the future owners. Inform buyers if the house is in an earthquake zone area, tsunami zone area or a flood prone area. Your buyer would thank you for it and possibly buy it despite the dangers ,just because you’re honest.

3. Not fixing what should be fixed

Repairs are important in selling a house. It gives the buyer an idea how well you have maintained the place. Also, you have to disclose the things you have fixed like a leaking roof or a broken toilet. All of these repairs should be unveiled to all potential buyers.

4. Don’t stick with old decor and paint

If you really want to sell the house, then you should really make some drastic changes like repainting your walls if it’s not of a neutral color. Most people would opt for houses with neutral tones to match it with all of their stuff instead of colorful-painted interiors that can mismatch an otherwise nice and comfy red sofa with a green wall.

5. Don’t make it more expensive than what it’s really worth

Other sellers would believe that their house is still worth the same as when they bought it. They forget that houses depreciate in value over time. Real estate agents know the real value your house is worth, so don’t overprice the house you’re selling or you’ll end up with no buyers or even potential ones at all.

6. Not prepping your house for viewing parties

Before you open your doors to a few potential buyers, clear away all the mess. Make the house look comfortable and livable as possible. Avoid showing things that belong to you that can really be distracting. Again, make the house neutral as possible and remove all traces of evidence that you lived there.

Selling a house that you have made into a home can run havoc on your emotions but getting busy with all the preparations in putting it out in the market can take your mind away from such doleful things. Remember, you have a house to sell, so enjoy meeting new people and have fun looking for a new and better home.