How To Make Your Home Work For You Now Without Decreasing Value When It’s Time To Sell

Everyone wants to enjoy the comfort of their own home. There are many projects to choose from if you want to make your home functional and easy to live in. The trick is to be choosy about which additions you take on because not all projects will maintain the resale value of your home.

Upgrading Appliances

One easy way to increase or maintain resale value is to upgrade your appliances. If a potential home buyer hears that you have recently upgraded your furnace, water heater, or kitchen appliances, they will definitely consider it a plus. In addition, if you are not interested in selling anytime soon, you can enjoy the comfort and efficiency of your new appliances knowing that you made a good investment. For example, new furnaces will save you money in heating costs and won’t break as often.


One of the easiest things to do to keep your house comfortable and running smoothly is to perform regular maintenance duties. Changing air filters, keeping the yard watered and clean, checking valves and drains for issues, and other home maintenance must-haves will keep small problems from turning into big ones and be one less issue to worry about if the time comes to sell.


Staying up to code with plumbing and electrical is important for your safety as well as for potential home buyers. No one wants to walk through a property and see unlicensed work that they will have to have redone.

Increase Space

This one can be tricky because it depends on where the space is coming from and how you may change a room to do it. If you are looking for more bedroom space, consider converting a den or office by adding a window and a closet. Or think about converting a space above the garage or other unused spot. It is usually not a good idea to lose a bedroom when it comes to resale value so try to steer clear of that option.

Remodel (Kitchen/Bathroom)

An upgraded kitchen or bathroom can be an expensive undertaking, but with the right choices, it can increase your home’s value quite a bit. As far as your kitchen goes, keep the style classic but definitely make sure that the layout works for you and your family. In the bathroom, it is okay to change lighting or plumbing to suit you, but consider if it will make sense for most people. Also, removing a tub or shower can be a big deal for resale so really consider that choice as well.

Finished Basement

One way to really utilize space within your home and improve resale value is to finish an unfinished basement. The possibilities are endless, whether you are thinking guest bedrooms, man-cave or office space.Don’t resign yourself to living in a home that doesn’t suit your needs. There are projects that will please you and the next potential owner of your home if proper care and consideration are taken to protect the value of your property.Informational credit to Always Plumbing & Heating.

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