5 Ways to Make Your Old House Attractive for Sale

Owning a house is a blessing, but there comes a time when, for whatever reason, you have to think about selling. The best thing you can do then is to give it one final makeover. First of all, it is a nice way to say “Good-bye” to the place where you spent some very pleasant times. Second and more important reason for doing so is to refresh the look of your old house and make it more attractive for sale. You don’t even have to go in the full home-improvement mode to do this. Even some smaller touches will be more than sufficient.

1. Make it More Welcoming

As is the case with people in real life, the first impression your house will leave on the potential buyer will be a lasting one, so do your best to make it inviting. In addition, it will ease the visitors into buying right from the front doors. That’s why this very spot should be the place where you will start your renovation. Give them a proper paintjob, and arrange a few flowerpots around to make a lively impression. Don’t be afraid to use the brush elsewhere in the house if there is a need for it. You can also consider putting a few runner rugs into your hallways to strengthen that first impression once the visitor is inside.

2. De-Clutter the House

You don’t want your house without any trace of personality, but you shouldn’t attack the buyers with your amassed personal belongings either. Show the exit way to all of the old furniture, old clothes, and all the other things that would ruin the overall vibe of the house you are trying to market. You can even earn some money in the process by organizing a garage sale. If you are not in dire need of money, however, you should pass all those unneeded things to charity.

3. Refresh the Bathroom

After your potential buyer takes the usual stroll through the house, bathroom will probably be the first place to get their full attention. No wonder, since bathrooms are very common source of irritation and potentially dangerous malfunctions, especially when it comes to older houses. Check your plumbing system, and replace all the worn out fixtures. Wood is the most vulnerable to moisture, so wooden pieces should be your prime suspects, but don’t let the small details like leaky faucets and rusty metal elements ruin the overall feeling.

4. Take Care of the Kitchen

With highest per-square-foot price out of all rooms, kitchen is the most valuable one, so it can make or break the deal you are trying to achieve. It is obvious that you should give it special attention too, so reface the kitchen cabinetry. It is much easier than replacing it, but often as effective, and use the saved money to make a big bang with new countertops. Upgrading plumbing fixtures is always a good thing.

5. Change the Lighting

Lighting can completely change the way a room looks, so try to make the most out of this simple upgrade. On the other hand, don’t forget that very source of light plays significant part in making the overall ambiance too. Huge and clunky antique pieces can hold sentimental value, and the real value too, but that’s maybe the best reason to sell them and replace with something less striking. They will hardly be appealing to new buyers trying to make a fresh start.

All of these measures shouldn’t pose too much of a threat to your budget, but although the moves are small, overall result should be very satisfying. You will quickly restore the prime look of your house and make it more appealing to new owners, with very little effort and money involved.

About Author :

Daniel is a design enthusiast based in Sydney. He is spending the most of his time thinking about great ideas to embellish his home decor and some innovative building techniques.. In addition, he uses every opportunity to share his visions with others,on Facebook. You can contact him by mail (danielrogers2107@gmail.com) if you have some questions.