Home Updates: Six Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home

When it comes time to increase the value of your home, you do not need to get bogged down in time-consuming projects that could last for weeks or even months. As an alternative, take a look at these simple updates and additions that will add the most value for every dollar invested.

1. Open Up Space

Buyers that can afford to be choosy often want to see wide open spaces and a natural “flow” to a home. Knocking out non-structural walls or increasing window sizes is a great way to make a home seem more spacious without adding rooms. You can also build a floor to ceiling cabinet for your TV, speakers and more for a space-saving solution for all of your entertainment.

2. Focus On Landscaping

Allowing a yard to run rampant for years on end is going to have quite a big impact on the value of a home. Investing a few hundred dollars into landscaping, pruning, and re-seeding can often increase the value of a home by thousands. If you don’t have time to keep up with the lawn, consider adding low-maintenance plants or lawn furniture instead.

3. Install Alternative Lighting

While high-efficiency lights are a popular option, homeowners should take a look at some inventive lighting designs to set their home apart. One popular option is a sun tube, an alternative to more expensive skylights that can set an owner back thousands of dollars and may not be popular with every buyer. Another popular feature is dimming lights in any room.

4. Swap Out Appliances

Changing out a home’s appliances can be as expensive or affordable as one would like with countless designs and styles. For those that would like the most bang for their buck, high-efficiency water heaters, AC systems, furnaces, washers, and dryers could save quite a bit on monthly energy bills. New buyers are constantly looking for homes that are more energy-efficient.

5. Bathroom Remodeling

Updating the kitchen and bathroom has always been the go-to option for those that want to get the absolute most value out of their home. For those that would like to avoid more costly updates in the kitchen, the bathroom can be remodeled for a much smaller amount with options such as adding a free-standing sink, cleaning grout, changing out tiles, replacing faucets, and removing rust stains. Be sure to consult with a professional for plumbing installations, say the experts at Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd.

6. Solar Power

Solar panels can be used to heat water or provide electricity while adding quite a bit of value to a home. Installing efficient panels are often one of the biggest selling points for those that are on the market for a new house.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are simply ready for a facelift, these are some of the best options for those that want a high return on their investment. Start with small weekend projects to get started and work your way up to a renovation if that is something you are interested in.

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