Invest in a Major Kitchen Remodel and Increase the Value of Your Home by Over $38,000

While the dream of many is to grow old and die in the home that they’re in right now, the reality is there’s a good chance that they’d have to move later on. This is because of several issues. For example, a lot of families have moved because they’re home has become too small for them. This is when they have more kids or the kids started growing up. On the other hand, a lot of families have moved to a smaller home because they have no need for a bigger and more expensive to maintain home. This is when the kids have all grown up and have moved on.

There’s also the issue of work. Families have moved because of work opportunities. In addition, there are the families that have moved to a new home because of financial issues.

Whatever the case may be, you can benefit from increasing the resale value of your home and you can do that with some remodeling projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re not really planning on selling your home because as mentioned, there’s a good possibility that you’d have to sell your home sooner or later.

Investing on a Major Kitchen Remodel

If you really want to increase the value of your home and make your home look very appealing to prospective buyers, you can invest on a major kitchen remodel. It’s when you completely overhaul your kitchen to the point that you won’t be able to recognize it once the remodeling is done, and that’s a good thing.

A major kitchen remodel is usually done if your kitchen is just not working for you anymore. If you’ve been having a frustrating time preparing and cooking meals in the kitchen because it’s too narrow, you can’t seem to find the things that you need or nothing is working anymore, then it’s time to invest on a major kitchen remodel.

This can cost you $56,768. While that may seem like an eye-popping number, you have to consider that it’s a major remodel project that will include the purchase of major appliances. You can also have new cabinets installed which can improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

It’s not that eye-popping anymore if you’ll consider the fact that you can increase the resale value of your home by $38,485. That means you get to recoup $67.8% of your investment which is not bad at all considering the fact that you get to have a new kitchen.

Check Out this Infographic

Remodeling that Increase your Home Value
This infographic provided by Contractor Quotes shows you the best remodeling projects to increase home value. It includes major kitchen remodeling and some helpful tips on how to do so. This infographic will convince you to invest in a remodeling project because you’ll be able to recoup a good part of your investment anyway because of the increase in your home’s resale value so check it out now.