The Benefits Of Flowcrete Flooring Solutions

Flowcrete is currently one of the leading brands when it comes to premium quality Polyurethane, Epoxy, and Methyl Methacrylate Resin Flooring solutions. Flowcrete supplies state-of-the-art seamless and attractive flooring solutions, from commercial and industrial resin floors to car-park traffic-coating systems and cementitious floor screeds. Visit this Flowcrete Flooring company for more information about flowcrete flooring.

The product portfolio provides many benefits such as enhanced aesthetics, long-lasting products and premium resistance to chemical exposure, heavy traffic, and more for any type of commercial or industrial environment.

Flowcrete: Key Product Ranges

Flowcrete Flooring

1 Car Park Protection Systems

The car park protection system range is designed to match up to the latest requirements of luxury and upmarket car-park environments. These flooring solutions help to promote safety, enhance light reflectivity, and improve visual appearance.

2 Commercial Resin Floors

Flowcrete’s resin floors are made for commercial environments and venues. The range of resin floors includes sparkling-flake flooring systems, speckled-quartz flooring finishes, and high-gloss resin toppings for floors. Each of these systems creates vibrant, aesthetic, and colorful surfaces that are sure to become a popular talking point.

3 Industrial Resin Floors

This flooring range is made for heavy, medium, and light industrial environments. Flowcrete’s high-performance industrial floor range ensures hard wearing and durable surfaces that match up to a range of service conditions such as automotive and warehouse to assembly lines and aerospace.

4 Hygienic Polyurethane Floors

The polyurethane hygienic floor range is HACCP International Certified. Combined with Polygiene technology, these flooring solutions provide resilience, durability, antimicrobial benefits, and strength for service settings that are required to satisfy or adhere to very high hygiene standards.

5 Commercial Resins

Flowcrete Flooring Solutions also includes a range of aesthetically pleasing joint-free decorative coatings for floors. These options result in aesthetic, vibrant, and colourful surfaces that are suited to just about all commercial environments, buildings, and venues. Ask for help to this professional Resin Flooring contractors to get the right floor for your business.

6 Antistatic Floors

The antistatic flooring products that Flowcrete offers help to prevent dangerous electrical charges that accumulate. This flooring range destroys sensitive components which dissipate the charge back into the ground.

7  Moisture Barriers And Sub Floor Screeds

The Isocrete K-Screed range is very popular across many construction sectors across the globe since it delivers superior floor screeds. This solution combines rapid installation with high strength along with outstanding moisture control.

8 Flowchem VE Corrosion Protection

Flowcrete also offers a corrosion protection range that is suited best for environments that are commonly prone to corrosive chemical attacks.

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