How to Decorate a Rental

Making a place feel like home is something the majority of us need in order to feel good about the place we live in. Doing this comes naturally when you live in your own place; however, decorating a rental place is a special task. Personalizing it is a natural need but there are limits to what a tenant is allowed to change in order not step over any boundaries when it comes to adapting a rental to his or her needs and preferences. Here are several suggestions on how to make the best of both worlds, personal and landlord’s.


Repainting the walls into the color of your preference is the first step in making the most of the rental you live in since it sets the foundation of all your following efforts and provides the best environment for the success of the entire decoration. On top of that, when all walls are repainted, the house looks and feels cleaner and more pleasant to be in, which is a great factor for building a healthy and true domestic atmosphere in any setting and environment.

Enhance the space

The vast majority of people would like to live in a bigger apartment or a house. If you are among them making the best use of space available surely is something you should dedicate attention to. First of all, cluttered the entire apartment. Start with your personal items and move on to landlord’s and ask him or her to take them away. Next, incorporate additional mirrors on the walls, they successfully deepen any space and go for long drapes since they make the room appear taller. Lastly, continue to keep the household organized and practical on regular basis.

Go green

Perhaps the only thing that is missing is a touch of greenery to make your home environment perfect. Regardless of how insignificant a plant here and there means at the first glance, the true fact is that they make a dramatic difference. First of all, they greatly improve the quality of interior air. Secondly, carefully chosen greenery makes a strong aesthetic appeal and may dramatically improve the overall appearance of any room. Lastly, by adding carefully chosen plants or flowers you personalize the space, which is the fundamental goal of any decoration.

Go detachable

Detachable furniture is perfect for rentals. Using it means no invasive actions will be done to the property, so no objections from the landlord, and at the same time, whenever you feel like moving you will be able to easily carry the items and use them again in your new place. The best examples are bookshelves with addable cells, vertical laundry storage solutions and detachable tables. Also, use their customizable dimension to make use of small spaces otherwise hard to reach, such as corners for example.

Improve lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the overall pleasantness of the living space. The best results are provided by making the most of natural light. Get rid of the thick curtains first. If you have to use any, opt for breathable light ones that let the light pass through providing privacy at the same time. On the other hand, a great amount of time is spent inside under artificial lighting. Luckily, there are various lighting products that can be used in any type of space to provide sufficient and pleasant luminosity for all types of activities, from studying to family dinners and romantic evenings.

Exhibit art

Further personalize the space by exhibiting your favorite works of art. Paintings, statues, books and photographs can have their designated place in any interior as long as you keep to the less is more principle. It is always better to have a central piece of art or a couple of them than to diffuse attention on dozens of pieces scattered around.
Obviously, decorating a rental requires thoughtful planning. Remember, bearing in mind all the constraints a landlord might have, you can always personalize your living space and make it feel like home.