Quick Checklist to Choose the Right Apartment

Buying a house is a dream come true for most renters. Anyone paying a sizeable monthly rent for a long time would naturally think of channeling the rent to pay off mortgage interest. Besides, with higher appreciation in land value and apartments, it’s tempting for buyers to invest in a property than to stay in a rented property.

However, buying a house in any Indian city is taxing. Firstly, the task of selecting the right apartment is riddled with too many choices. Next, quality of the construction matters. And finally, it’s important to check builder reputation.

Now, if you’re scouting to buy an apartment, here’s a quick checklist to make a good purchase decision:

  • Ask for the floor plan of your apartment
  • Find out the carpet area and built-up space
  • Check the finishing of the interior. Is it weather painted to withstand sun, rain and moisture?
  • Check the materials used for flooring. Is it made with scratch-proof tiles and does it match with your taste?
  • Do bathrooms have skid-proof titles on the floor?
  • Which brand of electrical fittings is used in the apartment?
  • Check the quality of bathroom fixtures?
  • How good is access to public transport from the locality?
  • What is the quality of water supplied in the apartment?
  • Is the project located in a safe neighborhood? And what are the good points of the locality?
  • Are there similar projects in the locality?
  • What is the noise-pollution level and quality of air in the locality? Are there major polluting industries functioning in the vicinity?
  • Does it get flooded during rain? What are the provisions for the flow of rain and drain water?
  • What’s the monthly maintenance cost you’ve to pay each month?
  • When is the project expected to be completed?What is the market price of a similar apartment in the locality?
  • How credible is the builder and how many of the projects are now occupied? Ask for feedback from people staying there.
  • Is sufficient playground area provided for children? What is the scope of outdoor recreation?
  • Is the project structurally sound? Is there any quality or standard certification?

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Bharath Joshi a Marketing Executive at Unishire Belvedere Premia. We began with an aim of redefining real estate and creating benchmarks for others to follow, that provides German life style luxury apartments in bangalore and luxury residential flats in bangalore

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