How will the Real Estate Market shape up 5 years from now in India?

What does the current scenario look like in real estate segment in India?

The real estate market is blooming in India. With the interest shown by the investors, NRIs and developers owing to globalization and our lenient government investment policies, the real estate market has reached its all time peak. Also, there is a trend that is moving towards positive demographics, nuclear families, higher income levels and rural-urban migration that has given the sector a push.

According to an estimate, by 2020 the real estate sector is said to fetch 180 billion US dollars, with an increase expected to be approximately 15%, each year for the for the next five years. The coming decade should see an inflow of about 25 billion USD.

Considering the potential that the industry holds it has become important to keep pace with the latest developments and innovation, that will help reach a wider set of people, while streamlining the business. In today’s world of real estate factors like geo location, cloud syncing, geo fencing, advanced mapping technologies and augmented reality are all tools that hint of technological inclusion in the real estate.

Is the real estate market in India suffering a slow poison death?

The Hiranandani group that was established by Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani and brother Surendra Hiranandani, who are the masterminds behind changing the face of the Mumbai’s skyline. In spite of the various issues including the recent one where Hiro Plc sued the company for not returning money to their investors, the Hiranandani brand name had to suffer a lot of negative reputation. However, not many people know that the Hiranandani which filed bankruptcy and House of Hiranandani are two totally different entities.

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How is House of Hiranandani different?

In India, paving the path for technological progress are the House of Hiranandani, who are known to change the face of architecture in India. The company led by Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, the founder and Ms. Neha Hiranandani, the co-founder.

The architecture of House of Hiranandani is sprawled over gorgeous locations from Chembur in Mumbai and Hebbal in Chennai to Shankarpally in Hyderabad. The company has always adhered to building communities that are self-sufficient and can boast of a high standard of living. All the residential communities are, therefore, made with adherence to international standard of living.

Having a strong community forms the basis of every House of Hiranandani project. To create this bonding, the latest technologies have been used to ensure safety and facilitate peace and harmony.

The House of Hiranandani is also said to have a strong online presence as seen from the traffic garnered at their website and the people following them on their facebook page. The Company has also facilitated for online email subscriptions. There also exists an energetic loyalty program that is in keeping with after sales services as well a boost to the community feeling that House of Hiranandani imbues in its projects. The projects by encompass a host of variety from retail to entertainment to buildings.

Their luxurious segment is spread across verdant vistas and having properties in Devanahalli, Hebbal Bannerghatta in Bengaluru, Thaiyur and Egattur and in Chennai, Shankarpally in Hyderabad and finally Chembur in Mumbai. These projects include everything from cottages to villas and apartments. Check this page for further details: House of Hiranandani projects.

The House of Hiranandani has raised the bar of urban living with its continuous efforts in coming up with varied project portfolio and innovative structures. The Hiranandanis have been leaders by giving birth to not only beautiful structures but also raising those. It is for this reason that visionaries like the ones at House of Hiranandani will go down in the history as the entities that shaped the country.

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