How The Parade Of Homes Helps Communities…Like Lancaster, PA

Lancaster PA’s Parade of Homes is an incredible event held every year, with an incredible array of homes on display…from the more practical single family homes to more lavish mansions. While there are a number of reasons to participate in and attend the Parade of Homes, perhaps the most important part of the event is the way in which it positively impacts the wider community that is Lancaster county homeowners. Indeed, few events have as great of an impact on the aesthetic of Lancaster as the Parade of Homes does!

Showing Off

The primary conceit of the Parade of Homes is that it is an opportunity for homeowners to show off their homes and all of the hard work that has been put into them. If you are a homeowner, you know that quite a bit of time, effort, worry, and money must be put into a home to make it not just a house but a truly stunning domicile. To that end, the homeowners on the Parade of Homes have been deeply involved in the design, construction, and care of their home since the start.

From selecting a builder to working with the builder in the initial design and development plans of the home, to continuing to invest in maintenance, care, and landscaping, the homeowners on the Parade of Homes must pay a large amount of attention to detail. Fortunately for us, they have done exactly that, and we get to benefit from their effort, as we are able to enjoy the many years and thousands, if not millions, of dollars poured into having a truly stunning home.

Of course, even if the Parade of Homes did not exist, these homeowners would still spend considerable time and resources on designing, building, maintaining, and improving their homes. The simple fact is that this is where they live, and the environment you surround yourself with is something that can very strong impact your attitude and emotional state. By making their homes the envy of homeowners across the region, these individuals can live lives of luxury by surrounding themselves with luxury!

We All Benefit

Of course, the result of the Parade of Homes is that the design and care of these homes – their look, their feel, their materials – are duplicated across the region and especially in Lancaster. Let’s face it: Lancaster is a great place to live with plenty of space in which to build your dream home, while still being wonderfully near major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. With low costs in Lancaster and great opportunities across the region for work and play, there are few reasons not to locate your family in the heart of Amish country.

As a result of so many people moving to – and building in – Lancaster, many of those homeowners-to-be are searching for designs and aesthetics to use in their own home’s design. The Lancaster Parade of Homes provides exactly that: a window into what the best homes in Lancaster look like, how they are laid out, and how they are cared for. New homeowners take notice of the Parade and use what they see their in the construction of their own homes. In the end, as we drive across Lancaster’s back roads taking in the many beautiful homes dotting the landscape, we all benefit from this tide of beautiful buildings nestled among the farms and forests of Lancaster!

Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. He gives home building and home improvement tips on the Custom Home Group website.