The 6 Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home


To maintain your property and ensure that its value increases over the years, there are several different steps to take to update the space. By making specific additions and changes, it can make for an investment that pays off and allows your home to sell at a higher rate. To boost the value of your home and increase what you sell it for, consider taking on the following projects.

1. Update the Kitchen Appliances

Buyers are most interested in an updated and functional kitchen that will likely be one of the most used rooms of the home. Update the kitchen appliances, which will add value to the property and will prevent the buyers from having to invest in a new refrigerator or dishwasher.

2. Redo the Flooring

The flooring of the property is one of the most important features to upgrade for a durable material that will maintain its quality for several years. Consider replacing outdated carpet with wood, stone, and tile for modern styles that are most in demand.

3. Install Spa Features in the Master Bath

Master bathrooms are now considered luxurious spaces that should work as a retreat for homeowners. Create a relaxing environment that feels like a spa with additions that include heated floors, a garden tub, and dimmable lighting.

4. Create an Open Floor Plan
More buyers are looking to spend time in a property that has an open floor plan for a space that combines both the kitchen and living room. Knock down any extra walls that are not needed and remove a kitchen island that may be present. It will make it easier to entertain and will also allow the interior space to look larger.

5. Repair or Replace the Roof

If your roof is more than 15 years old, it may be time to make necessary repairs or replace the feature altogether. This will add protection to the property and can increase the home’s appearance with clay, copper, or slate tiles that are used.

6. Refinish the Attic or Basement

Add more functionality to your home with extra rooms that can serve a variety of different purposes, which include the attic and basement. By refinishing the spaces, it will add more square footage to your property and will provide a 70 percent payback with the investment.

By making a few big changes to your property, you’ll work to increase the property value and also increase the functionality of your home. By following the latest trends that are in demand on the market, you’ll allow your home to stay competitive and find a buyer at a faster rate once it’s listed.

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