3 Staging Interior Designs That Will Make Your Real Estate Sell Instantly

First impressions matter. Especially in the real estate industry. If you manage to impress the potential buyer when they first lay eyes on your house, half the deal is already done. The rest of convincing should be done by the price, location and the interior of the home along with several other factors. This means that before you put the house on the market, you must make it ready to take the breath away of potential buyers and sweep them off their feet. In order to do so, here are the 3 interior designs that are proven to be the most popular among buyers and will most definitely evoke a reaction.

Scandinavian Style

scandinavian design

Let’s start with the minimalistic wonder in the world of designs. The Scandi style – the white magic is among the top choices of staging designs. Its simplicity and functionality make everyone fall in love with the place. A lot of accredited staging professional experts agree that this style best showcases the potential of the home, making it a welcoming place with comfy and warm ambience for the future owners.

The beauty reflects through a neutral palette of colours and materials like wood and stone and natural textures. Aesthetically speaking, it offers a broad spectrum of illumination that floats freely in a no-fuss environment. Even the decorative details that are chosen are there for a reason, because of their functionality and the complementary touch of luxury.

The furniture is basically made of wood with the birch, spruce and pine as the main choices. The colour is mostly white or the bright hues of brown so that it creates the warm sensation. The shapes are basic geometrical ones including squares, rectangles and circles with legs as toothpicks. The preferred materials, on the other hand, are fur, cotton, linen and suede and they bring in a pop of colour or keep it neutral in concordance with the rest of the room’s colour.

Industrial Style

industrial design

Lots of metal and a factory-like setting, the industrial style has remained a popular choice of staging designers who say that people are easily attracted to the concept of functionality. Today, even more popular is the urban industrial style that combines metal, raw brick and wood in their natural colours. A big “no” in this style is the plastic which is completely avoided. The key features of this style that most staging experts implement in the staging process are the bare brick, metal fittings, earthy colours, exposed wood, reused vintage pieces of furniture and leather chesterfields.
When it comes to the demography of the population that is mostly interested in this style, the single males are chosen as the numerous worshipers. In fact, almost all inner-city bachelor pads are designed in urban industrial style.

The essential items that enrich the experience in this style are the stainless steel elements in the kitchen and the professional-look hobs, the steel or iron lighting fixtures and the grey, brown or black colours.

Contemporary Style

contemporary designThe contemporary style is a style that prefers simple and uncluttered spaces with smooth and clean lines that give the whole room artistic flair. The contemporary design is all about comfort and calmness and creating an inviting atmosphere. It is a style that appeals to a broad market of potential buyers because it is simple, elegant and artistic, all in one.

The essential principles of this style are sleek and low profile furniture pieces, decorative elements that are functional and lots of geometric designs and vintage items. Plus, staging designers include pieces that scream current fashion which takes this style in a different direction from the Scandinavian style. It should be implemented in suburban homes or bright apartments that are easily located.

The Bottom Line

Staging is a very important factor that makes or breaks the deal. However, with the rise of technology and digitalization of almost every sphere in the world of existence, today it is possible to have a virtual staging of the home which appeals to the online searchers for a home. The fact that more than 90% of people begin searching for a home online shows that virtual staging is also a popular type of staging that every accredited staging professional is using it to create a plan and execution of the later staging process.

Regardless of which of the top 3 styles is chosen, the most important thing is to use it appropriately so that it shows the full potential of the house and the future owners can envision their life living there. The realtors should be aware of the potential market of buyers they are trying to sell the house and use all the advantages to create a viewing experience that will be awe-inspiring.

Failing to do so, would only mean that the house will be stuck as a listing for a couple of months without sparking any interest. Thus, identifying the target customers’ profiles will be helpful in the designing process, mostly because knowing what they need is what they are going to get. Plus, they can use the ideas to design their future home like that if they fall in love with the finished result.

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