Green real estate is the solution for a healthier future

Increasing environmental pollution is a concern for all, equally. And the construction sector is one of the largest contributors towards the emission of air polluting agents. However it is an undeniable fact that the construction sector is of greatest important for the purpose of development. For education you need the construction of schools, for being healthy you need the construction of hospitals, for living you need the construction of apartments, for working you need the construction of office spaces and so on. Developing good infrastructures further helps us in becoming more urbanized and developed.

Construction of industries is important to produce goods and generate employment. Thus, we see that construction is a major factor in country’s progress; however, it also causes lot of pollution. So, stopping construction is neither the solution nor is it wise. So what should be the answer? How do we reduce the emission of pollutants? How do we create a healthy living environment? The answer to the above questions and the solution to this problem is green real estate.

Sustainable homes and constructions are the hope of the future. Green real estate means practicing techniques and using technologies that are eco-friendly and using green construction materials that do not harm the environment. Green real estate is the key for a greener and healthier tomorrow. Architects and engineers are continuously innovating eco-friendly homes and technologies to be used in them and now even the developers and builders are acknowledging these growing needs and presenting more and more eco-friendly townships.

As the modern consumer is well-educated and responsible, he is acknowledging these global issues and is fully aware about the good and the bad or the right or wrong. Also, the educated consumer knows the value of health and now is more choosy and demanding about things that are of importance to his health as well as health of society. The modern buyer in the metropolitan cities who goes to gym, eats low fat food, likes to exercise to keep himself healthy is of course very well aware about the importance of living in a healthy environment as well.

The buyers are now looking for townships and complexes that are eco-friendly and offer a proportionate mix of infrastructures as well as green open spaces in the complex. Many builders are now offering eco-friendly properties in Noida. They are also complying with the various standards of the IGBC (Indian Green Building Tribunal). Developers are trying to meet the demands of the buyers for eco-friendly townships. They are integrating features like rain water harvesting, solar heaters and lights, insulated roofs and low VOC paints that are environment friendly.

They are using technologies such as low flow fixtures to reduce water usage and CFC free appliances that do not contain air pollutants. Also along with using eco-friendly techniques and provisions they are providing open park areas and greenery within the complex. There are many properties in Noida that offer luxury apartments with all the green provisions. It is important to realize the harmful effects of pollution and work towards reducing it at our own levels and the first step towards it could be choosing green real estate foe residential options.

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