Five Of The Most Worthwhile Home Updates To Consider

Homeowners making improvements are generally doing so for one or both of two reasons: to improve livability for their families now and to increase value and marketability when the time comes to sell. It can be difficult to decide what renovations or updates should be done first. Here are some worthwhile home updates that will meet both goals.

Add a Powder Room

A powder room, or half bath, typically includes a toilet and sink only. In homes that see many visitors, two bathrooms may not be enough. A powder room can often be squeezed into a small space, can function as a guest or family bathroom and provides considerable return on investment.

Replace the Front Door

The front door is the smile on the face of your house and the first impression that a visitor receives. A dirty or damaged front door will affect the mood and outlook of anyone who walks through it. Conversely, an attractive front door that is suited to the architecture and color of the house impresses visitors and makes a clear statement to potential buyers that the house behind the door has been loved and well-cared for.

Refinish Wood Floors

Wood floors are beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on and a major selling point. However, they are also vulnerable to the wear and tear of daily living. If the wood floors in your house are showing their age, consider hiring professionals to strip and refinish them. Each room will glow in the reflection of the beautiful, natural warm wood tones. You can also add rugs around the home to protect the floors after they are refinished.

Install Built-in Closet Organizers

Words you will never hear from either a resident or a house-hunter are ‘This home has too much storage.’ Capitalize on this space with custom built-ins that incorporate drawers, shelves and hanging space. It could hardly be easier, as a qualified representative will take measurements and recommend configurations to match the owner’s needs and budget and send installers when the units are ready. Well-designed organizers can double the capacity of a closet by optimal use of existing space.

Upgrade Landscaping

Add beauty to your home and give a helping hand to the environment by upgrading the trees, bushes and flowers in your yard. Trees provide shade in summer, bushes fight soil erosion and flowers attract birds and butterflies. As an added advantage, landscaping can be done in stages as money and time permit. Consider planting trees first, as it will take time for them to grow to the desired height. If you trying to save money, simply plant a few seasonal flowers and bushes that are easy to take care of for a major difference in your home’s overall appearance.

For most people, a house is the largest investment they will ever make. The time and money spent on worthwhile home upgrades will pay off both now and in the long term, benefiting both your family and your bank account. Consider these upgrades to get started on improving your home’s curb appeal and making your home more comfortable. Informational credit to Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot Ltd

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