Bathroom Flooring: Safety-First Options for Indian Homes

Bathroom flooring materials form an important aspect of the most private part of your home. Not only they add a lot of depth and aesthetic beauty to your bathroom, but they also perform a number of important functionalities. Indian homes have traditionally made use of standard bathroom tiles and cement when it came to doing their bathroom flooring. However, currently, there are a number of different materials available in the market that can be used for flooring. Here are some great options for bathroom flooring that are recommended by the interior designers in Bangalore. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the bathroom area, they also keep the users safe from any kind of dangers that are associated with slippage.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a cost effective but tough option when it comes to bathroom flooring. Different types of vinyl materials are available in the market, sheet vinyl materials and vinyl tiles are extensively used in India for the purpose of bathroom flooring. They can easily last for two decades or more. The thicker is the vinyl material, the higher is their cost since it ensures better quality. Thicker vinyl materials come with a textured surface.

Ceramic flooring

Ceramic tiles are known for their timeless style and design and are often highly recommended by interior designers in Bangalore for many reasons. They are highly scratch resistant and do not require any polishing. Moreover, they can also be repaired quite easily in case they get broken or damaged. Easy to install and use, these flooring materials come in a large variety of patterns, color, textures, and finishes. One can also get anti-skid ceramic tiles which are widely preferred for their advanced safety features. They are currently one of the most widely preferred bathroom flooring options in India due to their fire-proof properties and cost-effectiveness. Cleaning and maintenance for these tiles are simple and only involves mopping with damp cloth or washing with water.

Quarry flooring

Quarry tiles are some of the most durable bathroom flooring materials out there. They are much stronger and resistant to wears and tears than the glazed tiles. Since they are made with a rough surface texture, these tiles are slip-resistant and are therefore safe for day-to-day usage. They are also known for their natural look. The quarry tiles deliver high-quality performance for many years and also gain depth and character with age. They are available in a wide range of colours which offer users greater flexibility to decide on the look of their bathroom floors.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is known to be a green or environment-friendly flooring option. These tiles are made with the best renewable and biodegradable materials such as cork and linseed oil and they do not produce any harmful vapors. This kind of flooring materials is available in many patterns and colours. Both types of linoleum flooring materials are available; one that comes with the protective coating and the other that does not include the coating. In case a buyer gets linoleum flooring tiles without the protective coating, it is necessary to put a polish on them after every 2 years as that enhances their longevity.

Porcelain flooring

Porcelain flooring tiles are a costlier option for many people. However, they can add a serene and luxurious dimension to the bathroom area. Porcelain is known for its durability and toughness and it’s known to be even harder than the granite stones. These tiles are quite resistant to stains and scratch and are quite easy to maintain and clean. The installation process for the porcelain flooring tiles can be rather time-to consume. However, it is still worth the effort since they are quite long lasting and appear shiny and gorgeous even after being used for many years.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring is quite popular in India since it allows creating a natural looking floor surface. They are quite durable and can be easily polished in case they are scratched.