Seek Real Value for Your Money? Choose the Apartment Amenities too

Apartment living isn’t just about the apartment any more. It is about the amenities in the package! Choosing the perfect community that is lifestyle-compatible is not always a cakewalk. Some amenities are obvious, but others require a little thinking, and past experience does help. Before the apartment hunt, think about the life you will lead there, and start by jotting down the relevant amenities. They may be abundant, but most of them may not spell any real value for your money. Really, how often would you use the spa, and who uses the pool every day anyway? And yet, there is much to consider before the purchase.

1. 24-hour Fitness Centre

Health is wealth. A private fitness centre makes staying in shape easy. The weather becomes a non-issue. Schedule a visit to fitness centres before shortlisting apartments and assess the condition of the equipment. The log-in register can also be checked to see whether the residents use it regularly. The registered clock-times help in gauging the crowd as well as setting a time for your workout.

2. Security

On-duty personnel let the mind stay free of unwanted worries about the home being left off-guard. Regular monitoring of visitors and others moving through the gates calls for attentive guards who do not mind doing their job well.

3. Storage

A little wardrobe in the bedroom and a modular kitchen are things that make a home complete. Other than the regular storage spaces, a pantry in the kitchen or a shelf for seasonal storage does you real good. Besides quick access, an extra storage facility will help in minimizing the clutter.

4. Gated Community

With shopping areas, dispensaries, pre-schools and day-cares within the apartment complex, it becomes easier to strike the much needed work-life balance. In a gated community, every member in the family, across age groups, has the same level of opportunity to stay engaged. Health spas, sports arenas, shops and art centres are all a part of the Indian realty enterprise today.

5. Safety

Many developers have started focusing keenly on fire safety for residents. Sprinklers and extinguishers are among the amenities expected everywhere. With more than 50% of fire accidents originating indoors, mainly kitchens, paying slightly extra for pre-installed sprinklers is definitely a good idea.

6. Proximity to Nature

The word ‘apartment’ usually implies a kind of confined space. But wait! Think about an apartment that comes with lush greens to wake up to — a serene lakeside for those numerous family conversations; a quaint little patio for the evening’s tea! Nature is very much an amenity you should check to fetch full value for money.

7. Power & Water Backup

Most developers provide power backup for residents mandatorily. With increasing usage of electrical appliances, power backup has become no less than a necessity. The widespread culture of staying connected 24/7 has made backup a ‘make or break’ factor for Indian developers.

Along with power backup, water also is extremely important for residents. Scarcity of water is an issue, and developers have to make adequate provisions to store water with innovative techniques like borewell, rain-water harvesting, etc. The practice of providing individual water tanks is a thing of the past. Now developers make provisions for access to borewell or rain-water harvesting tanks for everyone within the complex.

Any amenity put to use is of good value. The key is to avoid paying for amenities that aren’t going to directly save money or add to your convenience. Finally, saving a little off every trip to the workplace goes a long way. It’s always worth paying a little extra for an apartment close to work, school or places you visit frequently.


Seema Mohta is real estate avid writer and guiding the real estate owners how to make a smart and safe decisions while investing in a Property in Sarjapur Road. She always emphasizes the importance of making sure inspections are completed to her audience.

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