Why You Should Think About Buying a House in Ghana

Ghana is the greatest economic powerhouse in Africa and its history is diverse and rich. Even though it is a small country, its economic and political growth is astonishing. Living in Ghana could be the greatest change you can make in your life, and here are some good reasons for moving there.

Strong Informal Relationships

If you are an exchange student, a business person or just an ordinary person who decided to start a new life in Ghana, you will be welcomed to this country and never feel like an outsider. Since Ghanaians are open, honest and friendly, you will easily make new friendships and enter new and interesting relationships. Also, if you ever feel homesick, you may encounter people from your country who also decided to enjoy this dynamic and lively community. Additionally, homesickness can easily be cured by the warmth and familiarity of your new friends.

Very Stable Political Landscape

The rich history and colonization have changed Ghana’s political landscape a lot. It has undergone three peaceful political transfers of power, and now it represents the successful example of democracy and rule of law in Africa. Since becoming a republic in 1993, Ghana has shown great political stability and earned respect and reputation of the most peaceful country in West Africa. There are various developments in diversity of areas and some of them include high internet penetration, attractive real estate and the growth of tech scene.

According to Ghana’s National Communications Authority, the rate of internet penetration has significantly grown, from 2.7% way up to 40.7%. There is an increasing number of internet users and devices for using the web due to development of technologies. This development and usage of internet have grown due to the interest people have for embracing the technologies and because they use it as a tool for solving problems. Companies in Ghana today work both online and offline. Real estate platforms such as meqasa.com prove that online real estate selling and renting is a successful business in Ghana.

When in Ghana you can be sure that you will find the accommodation that best suits your taste. Every day, new buildings are being constructed at various locations and all over the country. This provides numerous job opportunities for the real estate developer industry as well as other business and trades. The best example of a successful online real estate portal is meqasa.com. With their help you can find apartments, houses and other luxury and comfortable accommodation that are suitable for people at all economic levels.

A Different Pace of Life

If you are tired of constant changes of the seasons and unstable climates that have too hot summers and winters too cold, Ghana will be your heaven. Since Ghana has only two seasons (the rainy and the dry season), it means you only have to deal with summer. By having only one season, your costs will decrease since you do not need to spend of four different types of clothes or heating devices.

Another great thing about life in Ghana is that you do not have to worry about being stuck in one routine. Ghanaians love balanced work-life, and by adjusting to this way of living, you have the rest of your day to do whatever you like.
Finally, if you are a food lover Ghana will charm you with its diversity of foods. It has a broad variety of indigenous delicacies that could be new experience for your palate. Some of the best delicacies, that might be challenging to pronounce, are waakye, mpotompoto, kooshe and other thrilling dishes. Also, if you enjoy drinking alcohol there are many local drinks, like likepito and akpeteshie, which you will adore.

Ghana is the best place for every type of person since there are always many interesting activities to do, or places to enjoy. If you have a desire for a personal heaven, then Ghana is the place for you.