5 Reasons For Realtors To Love Virtual Staging

Vacant houses are sold badly, especially when their photos are presented in online listings. There is no need to agree or disagree with this statement; it is an axiom that will be confirmed by all realtors. Virtual staging is a service that allows to cope with this problem with minimal costs and waiting time. Using 3D software, interior designers put furniture and decorations on picture of real vacant home provided by real estate agent.

Nowadays, advanced 3D technologies and professionalism of experienced designers allow to create stunningly realistic interiors that hardly can be distinguished from real ones. It was the essence of the service, and now let`s name 5 reasons why real estate agents will love virtual home staging.

1. Making the buyers happier

This point is about impression virtually staging properties cause on home buyers. There is no any mystery here, bare walls and empty spaces look unattractive and repulsive and when the property is not in its best condition; such a view can become the reason of unjustified disappointment and the deal’s failure. Houses staged in 3D look very stylish, beautiful, inviting. Buyers sees good-looking picture and he understands the potential of his future home, he does want to move there and begin new happy story in this charming place.

However, realtors should not forget about disclosure, the best solution is to specify that virtual staging homes are shown on your website. This way, buyer gets an opportunity to estimate properties from two sides – with 3D furniture and trendy design and the view it has being empty. Make your buyer happy, it would be fair to let him make a complete understanding of the product you offer.

2. Virtual staging does not require large expenses

The price for virtual house staging varies depending on number of photos and reputation of 3Dcompany, on average it can reach $60 – $100 per one photo. Frequently, there is a chance to receive discount when ordering big number of photos and some companies launch promotions to attract new clients. Exactly because of low cost of the service it pushed traditional staging up to the background. Few realtors want to pay thousands of dollars to designers and pay off monthly fees for renting a real furniture. Yes, you’ve read it right – 3D home staging requires one-time payment, while physical staging is paid on monthly basis depending on the contract terms.

3. It saves realtors and buyers time

Even if real estate agent does not take care of furniture transportation for physical staging, he keeps this process in mind while planning house visits and moving of new owners. Why you should wait, pay transportation costs, explain something to customers if you can pay only once, wait a couple of days until the photos are ready and show them to your buyers without any further concerns? Turnaround period for 8 – 10 photos is about 2 – 3 days.

4. It is a great way to stand out from competition

There is no need to mention that real estate market is very competitive and profitable business niche, so any opportunity to be one-step ahead brings good dividends. Virtual staging is nothing but powerful marketing tool set to solve the most challenging task in every business – to influence clients decision and persuade him to buy. We only mean that nowadays it is imprudently to neglect the slightest opportunity to stand out and use of 3D furniture staging is definitely smart strategy for realtors.

Virtual staging is the safest way to look (and become) more professional in real estate – you demonstrate your buyers that you are aware of the latest technological trends and successfully apply it your business. You show them you do all the best to offer the most suitable properties presenting them both vacant and furnished.

5. Great tool for showing commercial properties

If the situation with homes is still more or less clear (here is the bedroom, kitchen, we usually put the bed here, the sofa is in this corner), it is often more difficult to choose appropriate office space, to visualize its potential, especially if it is very big. When buyer sees where he can put the desks, conference tables or arrange coffee-break area he feels more confident and secure. There are lots of questions we usually ask ourselves before choosing this or that office space.

Is this space will be convenient not just for my team, but clients? Is it has enough room for my company to grow? What general impression and signal does it send to clients? Seeing your future office visualized in 3D helps to avoid many concerns and will become a valuable contribution to your business.

So if you are looking for inexpensive tool to speed up your real estate sales – staging in virtual reality is one of the best variants. Choose good and reputable 3D rendering studio, there you can get comprehensive professional answers to all the question that may appear. Then, a little thing is left – prepare high-quality photos of your properties, find some reference images and send them all to 3D specialists. When turnaround time is over, you’ll be able to estimate all the pros we’ve listed in this article by your own.