Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Wall and Garden Signs

Personalizing your home is one of the many things in life we enjoy doing. Without that personal touch and those home comforts a home wouldn’t be a home, but simply a shell with walls, windows and doors. There are of course hundreds of ways to a make a home your own depending on what it is you like including colour schemes, furniture, ornaments, photos and much more. I personally like to decorate my house with wall and garden signs to add some humor and colour to my walls.

When you mention wall signs to somebody they quite often envision street signs, road signs or directional signs. This however is not what I decorate the walls of my home with, signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be personalized too.  One of my favorite rooms in the house for my signs to go are in the bedroom. The bedroom is a very personal space and filling it with the things you love can help you to relax and even sleep better. I tend to go for signs that are calming and inspirational,something to read and keep me focused.

I also use wall signs in my bathroom, these are great for keeping you occupied whilst using the room and can be quite humorous too.  I currently have one that lists the rules of the bathroom so that those who use it know how to keep it clean and tidy. The sign is funny but also helps to keep order so that the bathroom remains a pleasant place to be.

Kitchen signs are also good fun to have in your home. I have seen loads of cool wall signs suitable for the kitchen that would look great in any home. I am also quite fond of the metal house signs/pictures that are seen quite regularly at markets. They tend to have OXO print and tea print on them and carry an old fashioned vintage look.

As well as decorating the inside of your home with signs you can also use them to brighten up your garden. They can be used to label plants, highlight the BBQ area, point people in the direction of the secret garden and much more.  Outdoor signs are however more difficult to maintain than those inside due to being exposed to different types of weather. If looked after properly though your signs should last and continue to look good all year round.