Top 5 Areas To Focus In Controlled Demolition

There is really a good number of controlled demolition service providers dotted all across the UK. Controlled demolition contractors have a specific skill-set and experience into the niche, after all demolition is one of the most challenging jobs in the industry. These contractors leverage their rigorous training, years of experience as well as exposure, all combined with some industry-specific tools and machines to successfully accomplish demolition projects.

Using specialists machines like Brokk robots, demolition contractors are capable of overriding any challenge that may come on their way while undertaking a demolition operation. In this post, you will read the top areas those professional demolition contractors in the country emphasized most upon. Just read on.

The top notch controlled demolition contractors in the country prefer using Brokk machines mainly due to their higher accessibility. Brokk demolition robots are operated remotely from the work site and can be operated to access almost any access-restricted area. Thus, confined spaces aren’t a big challenge these days for the demolition specialists.

For sites that have high traffic or inhabitants to whom noise can pose a major concern, demolition contractors need to ensure they produce very little to no noise during the operation. There are several ways demolition contractors address the noise concern. They use Brokk robots that come with several useful attachments like a crusher, a bucket, etc.

Brokk machines come with detachable attachments which together makes cutting and crunching of structures of all kinds easier and faster. For noise-free demolition, opt for Brokk machines!

Health and Safety

Brokk demolition is carried using 3 phase electric supply and thus no toxic fumes are produced during the operation. Moreover, using Brokk machines, the operator need not to be available at the work site and witness the safety risk associated due to falling debris and instability of the structure during the operation. Instead, the operator can remain at a distance from the job site and supervise the work.

It is worth noting here that Brokk machines don’t make demolition contractors compromise on site control, instead give them superior control of the work site. Unlike the traditional counterparts, Brokk demolition technique helps contractors prevent inhaling dust and metal particles likely to produce during demolition; this is how demolition contractors overcome the risk to potential health hazards.


Brokk robotic demolition machines save time and energy in executing any complex demolition project. These cutting edge machines have made it feasible for demolition contractors to promise noise-free, fume-free and safer controlled deconstruction of any structure.


If you want to keep the adjoining section or surface of the structure to be cut intact during the demolition, Brokk machines can help. Basically, these demolition robots are capable of crunching any hard building material without producing vibrations; this helps you retain the remaining structure.

These are five key areas that need to be considered first by controlled demolition contractors while planning the execution. Constant development and advancement in the demolition robots enable demolition contractors to surmount any environmental, access or structural challenge.

Want to learn more about controlled demolition, find a reliable Brokk robotic demolition contractor in your city!

Author Bio:

The author is a professional copywriter. She has studied the specifications of all Brokk robotic demolition models and often guide construction businesses choose right controlled demolition services.