Selling Your Home- Getting a Better Deal in 2016

Selling your home is never easy, but at times may be avoidable. Now, the only worse thing than selling a home full of memories is selling it at a low price. Not only does this ruin all your plans, but it also may seem as an insult to all the beautiful moments you spent there. This will leave a bitter taste in your mouth and most probably make you regret the decision of ever selling in the first place. However, the price of your property is not determined by some mystical force that rules the universe, or even some secret society conspiring against the value of your home. No, this is on you and you alone. So, if what you are going for is the optimal price for your house in 2016, here are some things you might consider doing in order to get a better deal.

Make a Budget

First thing first, regardless of how you want to look at it, selling your home can always be reduced to simple math. There are figures that are acceptable and those that are not. Sure, from time to time both you and the buyer will have to make a compromised, leaving one side slightly at a disadvantage. Now there are some things that you can do in order to make your home more valuable but here again, you need to be careful when it comes to numbers. Namely, sometimes you may increase the price, but this increase may not cover your investment in the project, which yet again leaves you in the unfavorable position. Simply make a renovation budget before you start and even ask a professional contractor to help you out (with an advice at very least).

Zero Energy Home

Modern construction is all about self-sustainability, and this incredible idea is best portrayed in the notion of zero energy. What this means is that your home in order to be self-sufficient (as well as cheaper to upkeep) needs to make almost as much energy as it spends. Now, in your case this might not be the best idea since the price of installment of solar panels alone may be a significant investment you that is unlikely to pay off in price increase alone. However, there is no reason why not to try and reduce the amount of energy your home wastes. You can start by insulating your homes and (if your budget allows it) replacing all your windows. Although quite an investment, these two things alone are more than enough to make your home’s price skyrocket.

A Beautiful Garden

Speaking about sustainability, in this era of junk food and GMO, more and more people flirt with the idea of growing their own food. Sure, your property may have a big backyard and sure it may have room for the best garden out there, but some buyers simply lack imagination. This means is that what they need to see on your property is an actual garden, not a garden potential. Here you can go wild and plant all your favorite vegetables or fruit, like potatoes, tomatoes or strawberries. Most of the work regarding garden including irrigation system are nothing more than simple DIY projects.

Homely Decoration

Speaking about unleashing your home’s potential, this is a general direction that you should take with these things. Your aim is not just to show your home in the best light possible, but to show potential customers what it could be given enough effort. You want your home to feel, warm cozy and homely and in order to do so, you need just the right design. Start off by setting a focal point of your living room (usually a TV or a fireplace) and orient the rest of the furniture around it. Now, in order to make your home appear warmer, you can do two things: either depend on color (more on that later) or go for cozy rather than angular furniture. Adding a nice designer rug from Zado to the mix is always a safe bet.

Painting the room

Truth be told, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without some painting tips, since this is by far the most cost-effective way to boost the value of your home. Still, if you are not careful even a thing as simple as painting can cost you an arm and a leg. For starters, getting commercial painters to do their work on your entire home is extremely expensive, but there is always an option for you to do it yourself. In fact, most interior decorators estimate that in 2016 ascent painting is going to be huge, which means that you can just paint one wall per room. In this way, you save both time and money on paint, while achieving the desired effect.

Other Outdoor Projects

Finally, to get back outside a nice garden is not the only thing your property’s exterior could benefit from. There are several expensive solutions like building a pool (which can take your home to the next tier when real estate is concerned) to making a top-notch playground for kids. However, there are some easy ways out as well, such as paving a path through your backyard, or making a wooden deck where you can sit with your friends. Finally, adding a fiery solution like an outdoors fireplace, fire pit or candle lanterns is always a safe bet.

As you can see, saying that how high the price of your home goes is not up to you is nothing more than an excuse. There are so many things, some small some huge, both inside and outside of your home that you can improve and each and every one of them in a way effects the price of your property. A single DIY project can make all the difference between a bad deal and a figure beyond your wildest imagination. Because of this, if you aim to obtain the optimal real-estate price in 2016 you need to start working on it as soon as possible.