Why Home Buyers & Sellers Should Hire a Professional

With so much information readily available online, you may ask, “Why should I hire a real estate agent?” And rightfully so. Coming to think of it, you could buy or sell real estate in Dubai via the Internet or through standard marketing avenues without being represented real estate agents in Dubai. So, which is the smarter way to do it, hire a professional or do it yourself?

One major advantage of going the DIY route as a seller is saving the hefty fee that real estate agents in Dubai would charge to market and close a deal. If you sell your property yourself, you can avoid paying the commission entirely.That may seem like great, but is it really worth not having personal guidance throughout the buying and selling process? Here are 7reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional real estate agent.real estate

  1. The changing state of real estate in Dubai: The real estate market has changed greatly from only a few years ago. More regulations are in place than ever before. These include stricter financing practices, higher transfer fees and more stringent off-plan purchase laws.To negotiate these challenges and buy and sell real estate in Dubai profitably and without much stress, you need real estate agents in Dubai who understand current market conditions and have neighbourhood specific experience and the expertise to help you secure the right property at the best price and terms.
  2.  An agent can help you find or sell a property quickly: Real estate agents in Dubai have knowledge of and quicker access to properties coming onto the market. Many homes are bought and sold without them ever going online or being advertised in the paper. A real estate professional can show you the latest homes on the market. Alternatively, if you are looking to sell, they will tell others about your property and in this way, also be on the lookout for you.
  3. You will have an expert by your side: No one knows real estate in Dubai better than qualified real estate agents in Dubai. Not only are they aware of market trends, they also understand how to set price points and will identify the best avenues for advertising your property.
  4. You will get a better price: Price your property too high and you risk losing offers and credibility. Price it too low and you lose money. Not only can an agent help you secure a higher price for your property, he/she can also make a recommendation to you as to how much you should offer. Why? Because real estate agents in Dubai have more local knowledge of real estate in Dubai, access to marketing tools and a greater marketplace and expertise to qualify buyers. Moreover, whatever price you agree to, agents will handle all the negotiations themselves, so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty.
  5. Your home will get more exposure: Your agent will prepare all the marketing materials, help you host open houses and network with other professionals who may have interested buyers.Real estate agents in Dubai know how to take good pictures, do virtual tours, create attractive brochures and what websites and offline channels such as magazines and newspapers to advertise in.
  6.  You wouldn’t have to conduct negotiations yourself: Selling your home is a big transaction. Good real estate agents in Dubai will negotiate prices on your behalf, thereby maximizing your profit. In fact, having an agent by your side will get potential buyers or their agents to cut straight to a sensible offer as they know they are not talking to an amateur negotiator.
  7. You will save of a lot of time and energy: Okay with devoting evenings and weekends to tours of your home and staging it? If not, then hiring real estate agents in Dubai who will take care of everything for you might be a good idea.Agents have the experience to work through the purchase and sale process efficiently, stepping in when there are issues, dealing directly with complaints and ensuring that everything stays on track.

So, it’s almost always better to use real estate agents in Dubai to buy or sell real estate in Dubai instead of doing so yourself. Before you try to do so, consider if it’s worth the time it will take to understand the process and if you will actually make any significant savings.