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Real estate industry in India is truly enormous with ever growing potential. India real estate total revenue in the financial year 2011 was US$66.8 billion. The foreign exchange earning acquired by this industry in the year 2012 was US$17.7 billion. These figures are clearly informing us, what kind of potential is enriched well in this industry. This is the reason Indian real estate industry is a favorite investment opportunity for all from the middle class citizen to the international investors. It is definitely hard to ignore or miss this industry for anyone. Almost all the major cities in India are brimming with huge markets and revenue generation at present.


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It is definitely a pretty common question from many of the people as, what is real estate. Here, this real estate is hard to restrict to one kind of product as this is included with innumerable products. Let us see some of the real estate products in detail in order to learn more about the real estate in India and all around to you.

  • Flats or Apartments: Big and small independent houses are no longer a choice for the city people as apartment culture growing all over from metro cities to second grade cities in India. These apartments and flats are nowadays coming in various budget ranges. There are budget friendly apartments to luxury apartments to meet your exact dwelling needs. Take for example Bangalore, this city got apartments with all budget ranges. You can get an apartment at a minimum of 15 lakh rupees and to maximum of 3 crore. Here, the price factor will dictate the location of the apartment and integrated luxuries and facilities in it.
  • Vacant plots: Vacant plots are always another best viable investment opportunity and this is another internal part of the present day real estate industry. This vacant plot can be a farm land, residential plot or a commercial bit or something else. There are plenty of vacant plots available in cities and urban areas as an offer to venture into the real estate industry for all.
  • Houses and Villas: Independent houses and villas are always a favorite real estate property for all, but growing cost factor in this field is keeping this kind of property as n opportunity only for wealthy people. If your interest to buy an independent house or villa in a city like Bangalore, then you should have ample funds without fail to realize this dream.
  • Commercial Property: Commercial property in the form of shops, shopping complexes and some more are nowadays hot property deals. Most of these commercial properties are worth giving it a try in cities and metros. Here, this commercial property should be considered based on location and its popularity. This kind of property will definitely attract huge money investment. Affordability factor should be offered more thought while planned to buy a commercial property. Any wrong selection with this commercial property can result into dead investment too and suggested making right choice with this kind of property purchase.


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