How to Bring a Personal Touch to your Home

It is important to have clean and neat home, but if you truly wish to leave everyone in awe and to show just how creative and great your home really is, then it is time to add something personal to it. A DIY home redecoration is never a bad idea, especially if you have creative ideas that you can throw around and make any room seem more interesting.

Moreover, you can recycle old things and use whatever you have lying around your home to add a personal zing to your home decoration. Also, by doing so, you can breathe new life into rooms which are desperately in need for new décor.

Do not be afraid of colors

Although it is far better to have a color scheme in a room, do not be afraid to experiment and to throw some color around the room, different colored pillows, covers and even wallpapers are a great way to express the inner atmosphere of a room. Do not choke a room with only one color; although it might make the whole ambient seem within the boundary, it is better to go wild and to breathe some wilderness into your rooms.

Share the travel stories

Souvenirs are not only to be used as a reminder of where you have had an adventure; you can also use them as a way to decorate your rooms. Placing items from your travels and journeys can really brighten up any room, and they will look great if combined correctly.

Furthermore, promotional items or items that you pick up here and there can also be used as a mean to decorate your room, and to bring a personal touch to it. You can recreate any journey in your rooms by organizing everything in the order as you had an adventure; certainly something everyone will enjoy.

Hobby décor

If you have a hobby where you can put you can showcase your finished products, then you can use those to make any room stand out with unique and creative decorative items that is certain to raise the overall appeal of a room.

Use photos

There are many ways to incorporate photos into personal decorative accessories. Whether you want to tell a story in the room or if you want to just make the room seem brighter and happier, the ideas are limitless. From family photos to photos from your travels, each one can really raise the mood of a room.

Candle scents

Although people look at the décor and how everything is organized, they will first notice the scent and the smell that comes from your home. Unless you want them to smell yesterday’s lunch, it is a good idea to use scented candles. Not only are they good to for decorations, but they are great for eliminating any unwanted smells.

Moreover, there is a plethora of candles you can choose from to suit whichever season is in right now and even festive candles for the holiday seasons.


Sophie Andersen is a home design lover from Sydney.  She’s especially interested in kitchen décor. Sophie’s favorite trick for personalizing kitchen is to order mugs and plates with family photos or some cool quotes. Check for more Sophie’s updates on Facebook.

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