Design Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

It is not the size that matters, but what you do with the space you are given that counts. This being said, your bathroom is not an exception to this general rule. Some people are troubled because they have simply too many ideas, but their bathroom is just too small to put them all to action. Still, by careful planning and applying adequate strategy you can use to most out of your condensed bathroom space. This also means that you will have to prioritize quite a bit, but this seldom causes any problem.

Storage Solutions

First problem you are likely to encounter in a small bathroom is the issue of storage. Namely, there are so many things you need in a bathroom that you cannot possibly fit everything even if your bathroom is a bit larger. However, this only means that you need to be resourceful. First of all, there are so many creative storage solutions for your small bathroom, like going for stacked shelves. Seeing how most of your walls are empty anyway, why not use all of this extra space to store all of those crucial necessities for your bathroom. If you decide to use stack bins, even your cabinets can turn out to be an incredible asset.

Using Racks

While those storage solutions are adequate for things you don’t use that often, there are some things like towels and hair dryer that need to be at your disposal at all times. What you don’t want is to spend 5 minutes looking for a clean towel after you wash your hands or shower. You need to have it in your hand in a matter of seconds. Because of thins, you need to invest a bit into towel racks, or if you want to go for a bit cheaper alternative, even wall hooks work just fine. Same thing goes for your hairdryer, but here you will have to buy a specific holder. However, investing in this will most probably turn out to be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Tub in Shower

Now, probably the greatest dilemma for anyone remodeling their bathroom is whether to go with shower or tub. Both of these items have their advantages and flaws. Namely, shower wastes less water and is quicker while nothing can compare with the comfort of the tub. Because of this, people with large bathrooms choose to have them both. Luckily, there is a solution that will allow the same luxury even to people with smaller bathrooms. In the last several years, trend of tub in shower area is rapidly gaining on popularity for more than obvious reasons.


However, the most important thing about your bathroom, regardless of its size lies in the quality of its plumbing. Even the best designed bathroom is worth for nothing if its pipes are leaking. This, not only looks highly unaesthetically and damages your bathrooms structural integrity, but can also be quite hard on your budget as well. Because of this, inspecting and potentially even fixing your pipes is an absolute paramount. Now, even though some people like to manage these repairs on their own, something this risky is never advisable. This task requires a no small amount of skill and there is always a risk that your meddling will only make things worse. For this reason, it is always better to hire professional plumbers for the job.

Going Green

Finally, apart from doing something for your bathroom, you could do something for your planet as well. Even the smallest of bathrooms if not managed carefully can waste a lot of water, power and overall resources. This hurts not only our Mother Earth but your budget as well, which is why resolving this issue successfully is considered to be a genuine win-win scenario. This being said, start by insulating your bathroom properly so that you can reduce your expenses of heating it. Next, replace all your bulbs with LED ones and last but not the least, replace your bathroom appliances (like toilet, faucet and shower) with low-flow alternatives. Although it may not seem as much, it can make a huge difference.

As you can see, where there is will there is always a way and in order to be well organized, your bathroom doesn’t have to be big. By managing your resources in the best possible way, and learning to work with what you have available, you will be able to make a bathroom of your dreams. The world is your oyster!