5 Home Maintenance Myths

You know how they say the work never ends? Well, it is true for your home. You have to work periodically on it, give it a facelift and carry out general home maintenance. Unfortunately, there’s much misinformation about what home maintenance works and which doesn’t.

Most of the time, these wrong information are more of myths than ignorance. It is just something people hear over and over again and then assume that it is true just because they’ve heard it several times. This is what we’ll attempt to address in this article. So, if you are looking to find out what the real tips are from the myths that are out there, then this article is for you.

Myth 1: Increased Insulation is Excellent

Actually, it is not. Sure, insulating the attic will always result in lower energy expenses and is a general money saver. However, packing in excess insulation will not help you any better. If anything, it is likely to encourage the growth of mold and increase condensation as a result of a possible damage to the ventilation. Instead, find a balance in your insulation so you never have to worry about whatever damages might arise from that.

Myth 2: AC Filter Change Shouldn’t Exceed Once a Year

If only this were true. Sure, you could decide to settle for a once in a year change, but chances are that if your AC undergoes heavy usage, you will be bleeding out more money in energy costs.

You see, your filter serves as a barrier of sorts that protects your AC from blowing in dust and dirt from outside. It is essentially what keeps those things out. This means that if there are layers and layers of dirt on it, it will require more energy to do its job; and even then, it still wouldn’t cool down the house as well as it should.

So, what should you do? Have it changed 2-3 times a year if it undergoes excessive usage. The only time you should do a filter change once a year is if you use for less than 100 days in a year.

Myth 3: Press the Smoke Alarm Button to Know if It’s Working

This is the reason nearly 60% of all homes that went up in flames were not saved. You see, pressing that button only indicates that the alarm is working. It does not mean that the smoke detector works.

To check if it is working hold up a stick or two of blown out matches or previously lit paper with smoke to the smoke detector. If it triggers the alarm, then you know it is working. Also, make sure that you change the battery thrice a year.

Myth 4: Energy Efficient AC’s Help Lower Energy Bills On Their Own

Okay, this is only partially true. An energy efficient unit will do just that if all other complementing factors are taken care of. For instance, if your ductwork and vents have issues, or you have leakages in your house, chances are that your AC would still have to work harder to keep the house cool, translating into the same or even higher energy costs.

There’s also the part about getting the correct AC size for your house. A smaller sized AC will not cool the whole house, and a complete cooling system is not necessary for a one room apartment. Your AC must be commensurate with your place. Talk to a professional AC technician, Bob Heinmiller would be my personal recommendation, about this before purchase.

Myth 5: Ceiling Fans Cool Rooms

This is why many people leave their ceiling fans on when they go out, but this is not true. Unlike the AC, the only thing ceiling fans cool are people. Leaving them on when no one is in the room is a waste of energy.

The writer, Oscar King, is an enthusiast for do-it-yourself projects at home, and can often be found messing around in his attic or in the walls trying to make sure everything is in perfect order. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can visit on Google+.

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