Upgrading Your Rental Apartment

Living in a rental apartment doesn’t need to be boring anymore. Just because it’s a temporary home, doesn’t mean it can’t be a lovely home decorated with care. There are always things that can be done to make your apartment look better. Here are a few tips that will save your money, space and time as well as make your rental apartment look great.

Start with the mirrors

Adding a mirror is an excellent idea if you want to open up the space. It adds depth and provides a feeling that a room is larger than it really is. Besides enhancing the space, mirrors also add a touch of class and elegance, something that all your guests will definitely notice. You can place mirror anywhere you have some free space on the wall.

Hang some curtains

Tired of having a dull, colorless apartment? There is a solution to your problem, and it doesn’t involve painting of any sort. Curtains are the way to go if you want to add some color to your place. Also, they are cheap but can be very sophisticated, plus they provide privacy. The whole apartment will look different with a few of these.

Pegboards – practical and fun

Once you add a good-looking pegboard to your apartment you can finally brag with your pots and pans that have been hiding in the closet for years.  Pegboards will not only reveal the charm of your cooking tools but making meals will be much easier for you. You can also find some other interesting places for other kitchen tools. You can find great-looking knife containers that don’t take up a lot of space.

Radiator covers make the difference

If you thought that repainting your dingy radiators is an easy job, think again. A much more efficient option is getting a radiator cover. Not only does it look really great, but it can be used to save some space as well. You can use it as a book shelf or a place to keep things such as flowers or framed photos. Choose the colors that will go best with your furniture wall colors.

Opt for greenery

Having a colourful apartment is great, but it’s not all about artificial colours. Adding flowers and plants will definitely make a difference. They look great plus they smell amazing. There are many different flowers you may consider. Whichever you choose, just don’t forget to give them water and keep them looking good.

Personal belongings for decoration

Making a creative environment doesn’t necessarily include frantic buying of new things. Why not use fun souvenirs and your own hip jewelry and turn it into an amusing collection that your friends will be thrilled with? Don’t hide your stuff under the bed, but use it wisely. It is hard to imagine how little things like this can make add a little life to your apartment.

Rugs are next

Being stuck with ancient carpets is what often happens when you live in a rental apartment. Luckily, you can always use rugs that don’t cost a lot of money and are easy to handle. Simply choose rugs that match your walls or furniture and throw them over the shabby floor. Put a coffe table made out of pallets on your rug and your apartment will get a new modern look. If you are looking for these, you can get some of the best plastic pallets in Sydney.

We showed you a couple of useful tricks to decorate your temporary home. Now it’s up to you to try and make it work. Always think of the new ways to upgrade your rental apartment but also remember to have fun with it. Make your rental apartment a small home you’ll enjoy spending time at.