Useful Tips while Buying a Flat in Bangalore

Apartment or flat purchase is always simple and easy unlike buying an independent house in Bangalore city. City is growing enormous and real estate prices are currently soaring high too. At this point of time, flat is sounding like a best option for all keeping in mind its availability in affordable rate. Mainly, you can a buy a flat at good price in a popular locality of the city too. Let us see some of the useful tips those will be helpful while buying a flat:

•    It is always wise to plan for a medium size or bigger size flat rather than a smaller one. Normally, smaller flats resale value will always be very low, when compared with the bigger or medium size flats.

•    Built up area of the flat is another aspect that should be given more concern while buying flat. Check with this built up area and price of this built up area. Generally, there will be different types of calculations associated with each builder about this built up area of the flat. Check with the exact measurement of the flat and coming up super built-up area. Some builders are offering 80% of the built up area as super built up area and some are offering up to 85% too.

•    While buying flat and availing loan, you should have proper approach without fail. Always try to avoid pre-EMIs payment while taking loan. Consider total loan amount once and avail discounts from the builder for paying the total amount once. This way you will benefit with discount in price as well as avoiding pre-EMIs. This way, you may need to start paying flat EMIs from the beginning though flat possession not yet available, but avoids the additional burden of pre-EMIs for you.

•    Check for the amenities provided by the builder for the flat. Nowadays, flat owners are credited with so many amenities those are common for all flat owners such as pool, club house, garden, gym, playground and some more. It is always good to have all these amenities, but avoid them, when comes with additional payment burden.

•    Time to buy a flat is another crucial factor. It is always wise to buy this flat as soon as possible. Generally, loan term for a flat will be for 10 years to 25 years. Here, affordability factor will play a vital role. If taken this loan while young, then repayment will be easy for the individual. Plan your dream home in the form of flat at the earliest in order to making loan repayment easy.
All the above mentioned tips are useful, when applied in a planned approach. Take ample time for researching on these matters and take a wise decision after confirming every aspect in detail.

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