Tips for keeping your garden green and clean

No matter what way in your life you choose to follow, the only inevitable one is the way that leads from your door to the sidewalk. That way that cuts your front garden in two halves is the only way that you have to take. So, here are some ways and tips shared by exterior design experts from the Sydney Landscape Design Company that could be useful for every garden owner. Let’s see what ways they recommend for maintaining your garden and the way/path that goes through it.

Clear lines, plants and pines

The first step in designing a neat and green garden is establishing clear boundaries of the garden area. You need to know its dimensions in order to buy a sufficient amount of earth, grass, gravel and other basic features for a garden. Once you have established the borders of the garden, you are ready to start planting items. No garden is complete without pines. So, every garden designer or decorator needs to bear in mind that a pine tree is worth two deciduous trees. Another advantage of pine trees is that they do not lose leaves and you are going to have less obligations, such as raking or taking away the fallen leaves.

Apart from pine trees, you have to decide what grass type you are going to sow. Also, sowing needs to be done regularly and the garden soil needs to be damp, as it is going to be more grass-friendly. The future lawn is the base of the garden and grass needs to be sown and treated with great care.

Watering is never over

This is actually one big truth when it comes to gardening. You can work your hands of in the garden and it is still going to be underdeveloped if you do not water it enough. However, watering can be quite tricky if you are attached to the town water supply system. Local authorities might have some restrictions in case of gardens and watering them with public water. The good thing is that you can go for alternative methods, such as rainwater tanks. Once you have installed a rainwater tank in your garden, you will always be able to rely on nature, rather than local authorities. However, pay attention to the size of the garden and avoid large tanks in smaller gardens. Otherwise, you will only have space for the pine(s) from the first paragraph of this text and the tank.

Borders and paths

Talking about the way from the house front door to the sidewalk, it is very important that you seal that path and know there its borders are. The path itself can either be covered with earth and gravel or you can make a concrete cover. The borderline between the path and the lawn can be decorated with stones and roses or other flowers. Also, if there is a patio that is a link between the house and the backyard, the border needs to be firm and well-done in order to avoid chipping of the concrete. That can lead to unwanted pieces of concrete in the grass, which can break the cutting blade on the lawn mower.

Approach your garden with love and care, nurture it with water and enrich it with plants and decorations. If you do that, your garden is going to blossom and grow just like a paradise garden.

Author’s bio: Dan Radak is VPS security and Hosting generaly specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in Landscape Design Sydney. Lately he is interested in landscape architecture. You can reach him on Twitter.

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