Tips For Buying Splashback That Lasts Forever

¬†Kitchen splashbacks regardless of if they are made from stainless steel, plastic or glass are no longer just meant to protect your kitchen’s wall from splatters and spills, even though that is still one of their main purposes. Splashbacks have become a way for home owners to add a bit of glitz and glamour to their kitchen walls. This is why it is so important to choose kitchen splashbacks which combine excellent functionality with great aesthetics. Splashbacks are available in a number of different colors, finishes and materials. Below we look at a few tips which should help you find the right kitchen splashback.
Choosing the correct color
A good splahback does not only protect your walls from spills and moisture when cooking but it can also transform your kitchen in just a couple of hours. This is why it’s so important to choose a color which makes it very easy to blend in with your existing walls. When you choose bright and contrasting colors it gives you kitchen a classy yet at the same time modern look. However, prior to choosing a color make sure to check out the color brochures from various manufacturers and their charts. This should help give you some idea as to what is in store for you when it comes to various shades and colors. That said there are a few contrasting and popular color schemes you can choose from like:
  • Purple with grey and white
  • Black with white and red
  • Black and white with lime green
Choosing the correct materials
A simple search online will reveal perhaps close to a dozen material types to choose from. These range from metal to plastic, fiber and glass. That said the rule of thumb when choosing a splashback is to opt for a material which is durable and offers the right finish. A few popular materials include glass, granite, stainless steel and Zenolite ( a new material known for its durability and great finish).
Zenolite versus glass and granite
Many people find themselves torn between a good glass, granite and zenolite splashback. When choosing a splashback you certainly shouldn’t and can’t afford to get it wrong. Zenolite is a new material and is often considered to be extremely innovative; something that its sellers say will stand the test of time. Zenolite is known for its attractive new look and feel; in addition it does a great job of protecting kitchen walls from splatter and spills. Plus unlike granite but a lot like glass it can be altered to any dimension quickly and easily just using regular wood working tools. It is also easy to clean and can be installed on existing finishes. There are some manufacturers that offer an extended UV warranty with their product too. However, the downside to Zenolite is that it’s expensive and has not been around for a very long time so there is no way of knowing that all these claims can stand the test of time. So, people on a budget will want to consider glass splashbacks known for their exceptional look and feel plus the fact that they are very easy to find. Granite on the other hand is a good option for people who often find that their glass splashbacks break or that it sometimes becomes streaked which ruins its look and feel. Though granite is expensive it can last potentially a hundred years if taken care of properly.
Follow the rule of thumb
When you are in the market for kitchen splashbacks which are expected to adorn the kitchen for a very long time you need to be sure to choose the correct one. Leading Australian splashback sellers like A Splash of Glass strongly advise that people take a look at all the materials and colors that they can find. Touch and research them prior to buying. There are some cheap yet durable options like stainless steel that people on a budget should consider. Then once purchased they need to be installed correctly, if you have not installed a splashback before then consult with a professional. Since the right installation can help you extract potentially years of more usage life from the average splashback.

Mark has been an interior designer for over twenty years. During his years as an interior designer he has seen many trends come and go but finds that splashbacks are perhaps one of the best trends which may be here to stay. This is why people should invest their time and money in buying the best possible splashbacks for their homes.

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