Things you should have in your home by age 30

Whether you are staying at a house for rent in Bangalore or your first apartment, our homes speak a lot about our personality and character. There are certain dos and don’ts once you reach the third decade of your life. Let us decode some of the things that you must own or have in your home by the time you reach 30 years.

What are the lists of things you must possess in your home by 30 years?

Let us list down the 6 most essential and vital things that you must own in your home.

  1. A real couch
    You must remember that a couch is the hub of your social life and you cannot rush into investing money and getting hold of one. It must be stain resistant, have nap ability and fit in the space you live. Uncomfortable futons and pile of giant pillows are a big no. Spend the money wisely after you choose a real couch.
  2.  High quality crockery set and cutlery set
    By the time you reach 30 you have few years of savings and thus it won’t be a bad option to invest some in high quality cutlery set and crockery set that are not made of plastic. Paper plates and plastic materials were once used when you are college student. But now you have the money to get full matching set that can be used every day and keep one set stored when guests arrive.
  3. Matching wine glasses
    Since wine glasses are made of tender and fragile glass materials it tends to break and we often don’t bother to get a matching set from the market. Whenever there is a get-together there are mismatched glasses on which wine gets served. Don’t you think serving on matching wine glasses will increase your class and aesthetic appeal?
  4. An organized bookshelf
    An organized bookshelf displays your unique personality and everything unique about it. This will be one section of your house for rent in Bangalore that will be praised and applauded by your guests every time they visit. This part of your apartment will increase the aesthetic appeal and beautify the room. The type of books you keep in the shelf also gives an insight of your lifestyle.
  5.  Greenery in your abode
    Even a small pot of plant can render greenery and refreshment in the ambiance of your apartment even if it’s a house for rent in Bangalore. Why don’t you go for it and make you abode more enticing and playful? It is suggested to go for small plantations that can fit in your apartment and you don’t need to maintain so much as well.
  6. Furniture that says ‘You are home’
    Your home is supposed to be the reflection of who you are rather than the outcome of the lifestyle you are trying to adapt. After a tiring day when you return back to home, you need a furniture that looks welcoming to you and a couch is not enough. Make sure you add other pieces to your furniture. A fancy wardrobe, rugs, coffee table, the list is endless.  Not only the furniture says a lot about your lifestyle but also about your choices.
  7. Fancy Lighting that peps up your home
    Living in a bachelor pad alone or with friends is one step forward from living with parents. It calls for a lot of responsibilities which you must not ignore if you are trying to make a statement. Imagine having everything fancy at your place but not enough light to highlight them. Proper lighting can add uncountable stars to your furniture and your lifestyle.
  8.  Appealing and high quality bathroom accessories
    A bathroom or washroom is one such space that must be well maintained and upgraded with the latest and the most advanced fittings and accessories. It will entice your guests and you will good about it yourself. Don’t hesitate to invest your money on it.
  9. Having something that’s living.
    It does not necessarily  have to be a pet, you can choose between plants pets or an aquarium full of homely fishes. The safest option is having a Bonsai tree in your living room. Bonsai tree usually serves two purposes, they are highly decorative and low maintenance. Having something living in your apartment can add character to it and also gives you a sense of relief while returning home.

These are some of the basic things that you must in your apartment have once you reach the age of 30 years.

Author Bio:

Ryaan Parack is a Graduate in English Literature from Bangalore University. He is an avid reader and devoted Potter fan. He started working as a freelance writer while looking for a house for rent in Bangalore. He is currently pursuing his Masters in English literature. and working on his Post Grad submissions. He is a regular blogger and writes about life-style, politics and sports.