Things to Consider When Choosing Private Student Accommodation and Private Rented Housing

Moving to a different country, city or even out of an old accommodation can be challenging. It is especially challenging when you are a student. The living requirements for a student are very different from a regular tenant and therefore great care must be taken when choosing the right place to stay. Student accommodation in the UK come in various types; you can choose between private rented housing and private student accommodation that comes in the form of student halls, etc. All of these offer a unique living experience and come with their own set of perks. Here is a comparison between private student accommodation and private rented housing that will help you make up your mind.


1. Brokerage

When you are a student, every last quid counts and that is why shelling out money for brokerage can seem to be an unnecessary expense. A lot of the time, when you opt for private rented housing, the landlords prefer to go through brokers. Brokers mean that the landlord will have much less headache but for the students, it can prove to be nightmarish. On the other hand, when you choose private student accommodation like some student halls, they offer brokerage-free deals. This means that you have to go through one less party of people to make a deal and getting your security deposit back is also much less stressful. Best Student Halls is one such company that lets you choose the residence of your choice, minus the brokerage.

2. Budgeting

Budgeting is a big part of the college and uni experience. Juggling studies, work and keeping track of your budget can prove to be more challenging than expected. This can cause more problems in situations when you are sharing your accommodation with other people and several students living in private housing situations with other students often complain about this problem. A simple way to eliminate this problem is by opting for private student accommodation which takes care of the budgeting and makes sure that all students are responsible for only their end of the bargain. This way, you end up being responsible only for yourself and not for others which more often than not helps save friendships and maintains a cordial atmosphere in the living space.

3. Proximity

Some of the best student accommodation in the UK can be found near major universities and colleges. Usually, several private student accommodations and private housing projects crop around universities, offering several options to the students. The problem with private housing around universities is that there is no one regulating what they charge and more often than not, these are way out of budget for a regular student. The ones that are in the budget end up being so far off that the commute time and costs add up to make them almost as expensive. This is where private student accommodation like student halls come to the rescue. These are usually located within walking distance from the educational institution and offer better deals than private housing.

4. Upkeep

Maintaining your living space as you take care of your studies and work along with trying to have a social life can prove to be a challenge, no matter whether you are a first-year student or a current student. With private student accommodation, you can find yourself a place that offers maintenance staff so that you have one thing less on your plate. You can arrange for timely cleans of your rooms, bathrooms and living spaces, allowing you to have a hygienic and liveable place.

The above is only some of the reasons to choose private student accommodation over rented housing. In the end, you will have to decide which aspects are the most important to you.

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