The Birth of Smart Home Technology 2016

Every year, smart developers either invent some revolutionary new smart home technology or find ways to improve upon existing technology, and 2016 is no exception. With this technology, our homes and their contents are well on their way to becoming contributing members of the family. Here are just a few of the latest developments towards making our homes smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Fire Safety

If you’ve ever burnt your toast and had to endure the shrieking of a smoke detector while you’ve raced for a stepladder to reach the button to turn it off, you’ll appreciate the Roost Smart Battery . It plugs into any smoke or CO2 detector and transforms it into a smart device. When the alarm goes off, it alerts you on your smartphone, which you can then use to call 911 if necessary. If it’s a false alarm, you can turn it off instantly with a single tap of the app, without climbing a ladder.

Garage Door Safety

There’s been a lot of improvement in the design and safety features of garage doors over the years. One of the most important safety features is the Photoelectric (PE) Safety Beam. When the beam detects an object in the path of the door, it automatically reverses to prevent damage or injury. Now, smart technology allows owners to open and close their garage doors from anywhere. In the past, it was sometimes difficult to find smart home technology that was compatible with older garage door openers. MyQ is providing a solution, since their app is able to control almost every garage door opener manufactured since 1993.

Lock and Key Combinations

For those who prefer to acclimate themselves more slowly to the security benefits of smart home technology the SmartCode 916 touchscreen electronic deadbolt lock allows you to continue to use your house keys the old-fashioned way during the transition. You also have the option to use either an electronic keypad number or fingerprints on the touchscreen. It also has a built-in alarm, and can either work alone or be connected to smartphone hubs like ZigBee and Z-Wave.

The Family Fridge

Samsung has introduced a smart refrigerator that serves a family hubspot. It features a large touchscreen on the front with a digital calendar, notepad and space for digital family photos. Besides having three internal cameras that snap a photo of the contents every time the door is closed, it also has the ability to stream music and television shows. This isn’t just a smart refrigerator, it’s a family organization, communication, and entertainment center all in one.

Water Saver

Water as a natural resource is becoming more precious, and more costly, every day. That’s especially true in areas suffering drought conditions. It has become well worth it to invest in preventing water leaks, and now there’s a great new gadget for that purpose.WallyHome detects leaks before they become serious. It uses sensors attached to sinks and toilets, and if even a drop of water falls, it sends an alert to the WallyHome hub. The hub shows the locations of all the sensors and even the temperature and humidity levels of those areas.

Smart light bulbs

The days of stockpiling candles or keeping a kerosene lamp on hand in the event of a power outage are over. BeOn manufactures a battery-powered light bulb that functions without electrical power. For added home security, it also contains a microphone that can detect your doorbell and a Bluetooth radio that allows you to synch it with your smartphone. This bulb can even detect your living patterns and program itself to replay them, turning itself on at the same time you would normally be using it. To operate the bulb control, you simply swipe up from the app’s home screen to see all of their locations. Besides being able to turn them off or on, you can also dim them from your smart phone. The battery recharges automatically whenever the light is turned on.

With smart home technology, it’s just a matter of time before our homes and appliances become such valued members of the family that we begin naming them. Like warranties, devices may one day come with birth certificates.

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