Selling Your House? Five Simple Things That Can Make Your Home Look New Again

To sell your home, professionals agree that there are three key factors that help a home sell in any market—location, condition, and price. While you may not have any control over your location, your home’s condition and price are certainly things that as a seller you can improve to make your property more attractive to buyers. Here are five easy tips that will take your home from “Just Listed” to “Sold!”

Pre-Inspection Repairs

As the homeowner, you are more aware of your home’s condition than anyone else. Instead of waiting for the home inspection report and the buyer’s request, complete any home repairs that you know of prior to listing your property. In most cases, it’s less expensive to fix an issue before the inspection report, and a well-cared for home in peak condition makes your property more attractive to buyers.

Curb appeal

Studies show that most buyers decide whether or not they’d consider buying a house during the first 60 seconds of seeing it. Curb appeal makes your home delicious to the buyer’s eyes. Easy ways to boost your home’s curb appeal include brightening the landscape, trimming trees or hedges, and pressure washing the exteriors. Replacing older windows with new glass or having windows professionally cleaned so the panes sparkle is another way to make your home memorable. Check out Fas Windows and Doors for sturdy windows that are durable and beautiful.


It’s crucial that when a buyer does a walk-through, they’re able to envision their belongings in the space. Wherever possible, de-clutter your home while it’s on the market. Put as many personal items as possible into storage or tuck them from view during viewings. The more neutral and sparse the interior of the home, the better the prospective buyer can picture themselves living there.

Price it to sell

Though it’s true that the market has bounced back and home prices are on the rise, be reasonable in your expectations and willing to be flexible. Research comparable home sales in your area, because buyers will be educated and familiar with the market for their budget. Most reasonably priced homes in good condition sell inside the first month. Statistically, homes priced too high are extremely difficult to sell after they pass 90 days on the market.

Be Market-savvy or hire someone who is

Today’s home sales market requires more than just a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper circular. Professional photos, a virtual tour and a vibrant description that’s widely available on multiple real estate websites are the new norm. More buyers than ever use mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to browse for property, so make sure your marketing materials are scalable.

Simple changes to make your home look better can make a major difference in how your home will sell. It’s important to do small repairs and touch-ups so that your home can appeal to more buyers.