Nice apartment, old building: is it worth it?

It is not easy to find a nice apartment these days. Generally, the residences that worth it are tend to cost a lot of money. But sometimes we can get really lucky to spot the perfect place to settle for a reasonable price. Yet such pleasant coincidences have a hidden conditions behind them. Such conditions lower the price of the apartment. It is not impossible to find a nice and affordable flat. Though, there is a great possibility that the residence could be located in an old building. Remember that dirty staircases, uninviting entryways and smelly corridors are things which you will have to come up with every single day. There stands the question does it really worth it? Would the pros outweigh the cons at the final decision? It is up to you to decide.

Heating systems in old building could be in very bad shape. You should also research the conditions of the building’s ventilation and plumbing systems. Get    familiar with the indispensable safety requirements  and  investigate every system in the residence before you buy the apartment of your dreams. Please, make sure that you have checked everything from heating and wiring to plumbing and air conditioning. You can have a lot of problems if these systems are not modern. Yet if they are old but safe and efficient, everything is alright. Think twice before making hasty decisions because old systems could bring you a lot of trouble and unwanted expenses.

Buying an apartment in an old residential building can guarantee you a mixture of various neighbours. There is a great chance that you will meet people who have spent their lives in the same building. That could be a good opportunity to get to know old sympathetic people with a lot of stories to tell. Though, older buildings tend to give shelter to suspicious people. Bear in mind that questionable people could be involved in criminal activities. Therefore get to know your neighbours before you buy.

Moisture is one the major problems in older buildings. A damp apartment is something that you don’t want to deal with. A broken pipe can cause a water outburst inside your walls or ceiling. Piping issues could damage your floors as well. Moist surfaces are a perfect habitat for mold and fungi infestations. Such threats are common in older building. When you are viewing your future apartment beware of signs such as wall or floor leakages. A cautious building review can help you to localize possible problem areas. You don’t need a flat which requires serious repairs, mold treatments and professional cleaning or piping renewals. Humidity-related issues could bring a lot of expenses, so be careful if you sense moisture in the old building.

Apartments in older buildings tend to be cheaper, however only a few of them are well insulated. Running an older home could be more expensive in terms of monthly energy bills. Old electricity installations are not as effective as the systems that are put into modern energy-efficient buildings. So be careful not to end up with cold premises and solid electricity bills. You don’t want energy losses in your future home. Therefore consider the cost of a home insulation and renewal of the electricity system, if you want to buy a flat in an old building. It is up to you to decide is it really worth it.

Buying a nice apartment in an old building could have its benefits and its disadvantages. If you are planning to make a real estate investment, make sure that you have made a solid research in advance. If the scales are on your side, you can get a nice residence without spending a fortune.

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