New Delhi Properties on a New High

The city of Delhi is known to be one of the most prominent new centers of urban property development. The city has been the capital of the country for more than a century now and it has been able to offer the best housing options to its citizens. It is the seat of political power and executive and hence bears all the more importance in the overall scheme of things. It is also one of the most prominent new cent res of urban property development because of the presence of the industrial and trade zones present in the city. But like all the other cities, Delhi also witnessed a drop in demand for housing because of the economic recession. But now the situation has improved drastically and there is a high demand for house for sale in Delhi. This demand is expected to be sustainable and the overall development of housing in the city has increased by many fold.

What has yielded the new demand in Delhi?

Through the year 2014, Delhi was in news for the development of new housing in the south Delhi area, particularly those close to the Qutub Minar. However this demand did not outlive the year and was soon subdued as whatever development that took place was soon bought off. But the spurt of demand that was expected in the year 2014 was not seen till the end of it. This was because it took almost six months for the government policies to take effect and the industrial growth to be revived. It was when the RBI reduced the lending rates that the demand for housing increased in the city. The first cut was announced in February of the year 2015 and the second was witnessed in the month of June. Now that it is clear that the economic growth is back on track, the buyers are willing to invest in house and flats in New Delhi.

It is expected that the overall economic growth is sustainable and hence the housing demand in the city would also be. The development of Delhi has never stopped and even during the times of economic crisis, the city became the host to Commonwealth games. There was a lot of infrastructure development that took place as a result and kept the value of Delhi properties appreciating. The buyers who could not invest in housing in Delhi then can now do so with considerable ease and comfort.

How to find the best houses in Delhi?

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