What Are The Most Common Things That Can Negatively Impact Your Property Value?

Before you sell your home, it is important to know what the value of your home is. There are some factors that have a positive effect on the value of your house, but there are some things that can have a negative impact on the value of your property as well.

Negative Details of a School District

A school that is not doing well is something that can bring down the value of your home. People with kids or those planning on having kids will want to ensure that they purchase a home with a good school in the area. Be sure to know what the other options are as far as schooling before you try to sell the house, so potential buyers know what their options are.

Problem Neighbors

Your neighbors play a part in the value of your home, maybe even more than you think. If you have a neighbor that allows their lawn to grow excessively long, have junk laying around their yard, or have decided to paint their home in a color that is unsightly, potential buyers may be turned away. The law offices of Timothy G. Mara can help if you are concerned about the future of your community. If you are having issues over where the property line is or that the neighbors hedges are untrimmed and hanging onto your property, a potential buyer may be turned away so they do not have to deal with it. Talking with a lawyer in these cases can greatly help the situation.

Poor Curb Appeal

The first part of your property that a potential buyer sees is the yard and the outside of your home. The curb appeal of your home and yard is extremely important. If you have a shed that looks run down, junk laying around in the yard, and peeling paint on the house, buyers may be turned away or they will give you an offer much lower than you are expecting. Fixing up the yard and planting some flowers can go a long way for a good first impression.

Lack of Appeal Inside

Once you have potential buyers in your home, they will quickly get a first impression of the place. Does it look cluttered, dirty and dimly lit? This will have a negative impact on the value. It is best to clean up the clutter along with the dirt, add a fresh coat of paint, and ensure the blinds are open to let in more natural light.

Serious Repairs

If your home is in need of serious repairs, such as a roof that leaks, a problem with mold growth, or a furnace that is not working properly, potential buyers are likely to walk away or offer a much lower price instead of taking on another person’s expenses. It’s best to take care of these repairs or even buy new appliances to put new buyers at ease.

An Outdated Kitchen

One room that a home buyer will likely inspect closely is the kitchen. If the look of your kitchen and the appliances are outdated, it may bring down the value of your home. It is understandable that the appliances will be used, but if you have owned the home for 20 years and the appliances are still the original, you may want to upgrade before selling.

Knowing various factors that can bring down the value of your home and fixing the ones you can control is helpful in getting as much as possible for your home. These are just some of the most common problems areas that sellers should be aware of.