Home Improvement: The Most-Ignored Tasks You Can Do in Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown in many countries has enabled people to concentrate more on their homes. Whether it’s deep cleaning or organizing shelves and rooms – people are finding time in this pandemic to tick off the items in their cleaning checklist.

As part of that checklist, you might’ve cleaned every part of your home, or so you may think. But there might be some areas at your home that need your attention. These are the places which you can ignore cleaning. But it’s essential to clean them like every other part of your home.

Places like attics, basement, cellar, etc. are some of the ignored places. You may think as they are less used spaces, there will be less dust accumulated on them. However, these rooms, where human activity is less, are seen with more dust, cobwebs, animal waste, etc. If ignored for a long time, then the air surrounding gets polluted harming you and your family.

But don’t worry. Today we are here to tell you about the most ignored places at your home that need your attention once in a while. Also, we brief you about other organising tasks that you can do at your home during this lockdown period.


1. Say Hi to Attic Once in A While

If you have a habit of keeping every unused item in the attic, then it must be formed into a heap of waste by now. But it doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away.

So, you must say hi to your attic once in a while and see if you can remove any unused or unwanted items. For instance, broken furniture, cracked crockery, spoiled books, etc. You will not only have more space but also the room looks cleaner and organised.

For cleaning your attic, first, remove all the items in it (take help from your family or friends). Then wipe or vacuum the dust present on it and don’t forget to remove cobwebs and other dust from the roof. While cleaning, look for any infestation of pests, mould growth, moisture, etc. If it’s present, take cleaning measures accordingly.

Also, remember that when you’re filling back the attic with items, you’re storing those items that have emotional and physical value.

2. Beware of your basement

People use the basement for many purposes. Whether as a home theatre, playroom, or storage room – a basement acts as a multi-functional space. And you have to keep it clean to use the room anytime you want.

During the lockdown, you might have cleaned the basement but it’s not enough. As it’s not the place that gets too much sunlight and air, you have to check for other elements like moisture, mould, bacteria growth all along the walls and floors. You have to take particular care if your house is made of wood.

While cleaning and clearing out the trash, organise items in separate baskets so that it becomes easy to declutter. Also, depending on the purpose of your basement, decorate your room with lively items to make the space vibrant and colourful.

3. Visit your wine cellar often

Do you have a wine cellar at your home? How long ago have you visited it? It might not be too long if you are a wine lover, but if not, then the room must have gathered dust and other pollutants.

This lockdown is the proper time to visit your wine cellar and sweep the dust accumulated on it. While you’re at it, take out the empty bottles and stock with the new ones to relish their taste later.

4. Blankets, duvets, comforters, what not!

When was the last time have you cleaned all the blankets, duvets, etc. in all the rooms? Maybe this lockdown is the proper time to do it. However, don’t remove them all at one time in all the rooms. Take two to three days and wash them with care. It’s also the best time to remove the over-used clothing that may not serve their purpose.

5. Storerooms are the most disorganised

While you’re on the cleaning spree, also take a look at the storeroom. As it’s the place where you keep rare items, you might have stocked it with unwanted furniture in the past. So, if the lockdown period is getting your body activity low, then take upon this activity. Depending on the size of the room, you can take help from family members too.
For cleaning the storage room, first, pick out the items that are useful to you in the future and place them aside. Now you can separate the pile of trash according to heaps. You can either sell it or simply throw away in the bin.

Organising Tips You Can Implement at Your Home

With all the family members staying at home in this lockdown, your home may seem messy with all the clutter around. To avoid this, you can educate your family, especially kids to be more responsible and careful. The following are the tricks you can do:

  • Invest in cabinets and drawers to store items like clothes, toys, books, etc. Instead of keeping them on shelves or the floor, a drawer with a door will be a better option.
  • Kids will do house chores when you keep the fun in it. While asking them to store things, try painting each drawer handle with a different colour. Colour coding is the best way to educate them as well as keeping them responsible.
  • With all the heavy cooking in the kitchen, more utensils and dishes might be coming out of the shelves. So, try hanging all the pans on a wall with the help of strong adhesive wall hooks.
  • While having meals together, your dining table may seem more disorganised. To solve this problem a little, you can invest in a rotating caddy to hold spoons, forks, tissues, etc.


There are many home maintenance jobs that keep you busy in lockdown. The above-mentioned are some of those. After all, no one knows your home as perfect as you do. So, clean everything without leaving an inch to utilise the lockdown time well and also to see your home from a new and fresh perspective.

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